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How to register for TestAS?

How to register for TestAS?

You have already learned how crucial the TestAS is for getting into the German university of your choice. Additionally, registration for the event is important in this. You must pay close attention throughout registration to ensure that no crucial information escapes your sight. This article will thus explain how to register for testAS.

To begin the registration of TestAS. There are certain procedures that we need to follow.

    • To begin, you must first register on the TestAS website.
    • After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to book a test date and choose a test center using your username and password.
    • The deadline to book and register for the TestAS exam is five weeks before the exam.
    • The rates are disclosed during the registration procedure, however, they are typically €80.
    • Furthermore, the test is given three times a year. You must first determine whether you want to take the test in English or German, book the Core Test, and select the modules (just one) on the Subject Specific section of the test before taking it.
How to register for TestAS
How to register for TestAS

What should I know about the test before I take it?

A legitimate ID, such as a passport, identity card, or driver’s license, should be brought with you. It should, however, be the same ID you used to register for the test. In addition, you must bring a black or blue ballpoint pen and produce the test center’s admittance email. Resources such as notepaper and calculators should not be brought. At the testing center, you will be provided with everything you require.

What is the duration of the test?

  • The test’s “onScreen” portion lasts 30 minutes.
  • The Core Test takes 110 minutes to complete.
  • The Subject-Specific test takes approximately 145-150 minutes to complete.

Is the test conducted online or on paper?

The first part of TestAS is completed “online”, or “onScreen,” while the latter two parts are completed on paper. Each module will have multiple-choice formats, and you should use a ballpoint pen to indicate the correct answer on a machine-readable answer sheet.

What is the best way to prepare for the TestAS exam?

Students cannot prepare for the TestAS through short-term training or materials because it is designed to measure cognitive ability rather than information. What students need to do, however, is acquaint themselves with the test format so that they are aware of the test’s structure, as well as review the numerous test samples provided by TestAS.

The TestAS is an intellectual skills evaluation, not a test of how much you know. Anyone may register for TestAS on their official website with all the required information because the registration process is so straightforward. There is no specific knowledge that is tested. Learning the TestAS format is the best method to prepare for the test. 

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