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IELTS Retake option in India: Everything you need to know

IELTS Retake option in India: Everything you need to know

Here’s some good news for the students if their initial score was below their target. IELTS introduce the One Skill Retake option from March 2023 in India.

IELTS is the test that students most frequently take to demonstrate their English language competency in order to enroll in prestigious universities in English-speaking countries. Many nations, including Canada, Australia, and others, approve and accept the IELTS as a valid indicator of an applicant’s proficiency in the English language for purposes of immigration and visa applications.

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IELTS Retake option in India Everything you need to know
IELTS Retake option in India Everything you need to know

Students will have the “One Skill Retake” option from March 2023 in India for one component if their initial score was below their target.

A new feature will soon be made available by the renowned and well-respected English testing organization IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to give test takers a second chance to perform to their fullest potential.

It is now possible for students who want to pursue an education overseas to retake an IELTS exam for a module. This choice will be put into practice by the organizing body starting in March 2023.

Students currently have to retake the entire listening, reading, writing, and speaking test in order to pass the system. Therefore, rather than having to repeat the entire module, a student will have to retake the test if they are unhappy with their band score. Students will not have to endure the stress of taking the entire exam again, which is fantastic news. They can simply concentrate on enhancing the one area that is necessary.

Additionally, this choice can lead to more people signing up for the IELTS test. Students will have a second chance to demonstrate their full potential during one skill retest. Those who have passed the other modules can save time and effort by doing this.

IDP Education’s Mr. Warwick Freelan, MD-IELTS, added that they have heard a variety of worries regarding the test-takers. The students ask for a second chance to retake the IELTS exam for just the one section in which they received a lower score. Students will have more flexibility in meeting the requirements for applying to foreign universities as a result.

Note: Based on the update presented below and found on the IELTS IDP website, the news and information above have been revised. As soon as we receive more specific information in this regard, we will keep you informed.

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