Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management

Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management

About Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management

The Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management or IDM is located near Wuppertal. It is a doctoral institution dedicated to interdisciplinary education and research in the field of diaconal science. Wuppertal or Bethel Church University is home to the IDM. For the management of churches and social organizations, the IDM certifies administrators from the deaconry, healthcare and church from across the country.


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Overall Ranking

As of now, IDM has not been listed on any of the accredited website.

Internships near Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management

Students can pay their mortgage by working at restaurants, markets, supermarkets, and bookstores. Also companies such as-drogerie markt, asf sales & help GmbH, and HausTierService Foster provide great internship opportunities in Wuppertal.

Jobs near Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und Diakonie Management

Students could minimize their expenditures by working in a job for firms like HERZLACK, Lidl, NTC Next Talent Connect UG, and DHL., which all offer excellent employment options in Wuppertal. They can also search for university pages to get jobs at the facility.

Housing and Accommodation

Shared apartments, single and double rooms that are partially or fully furnished are among the private living alternatives. Furthermore, in Wuppertal, the average total cost of a room is €507 per month, which is rather high. Students can also contact the student council at the university to help in finding accommodation.

Cost of Living

The Semester fee, which cost €3600 per semester, is charged by the IDM. A small one-time admission fee is also required. The average monthly cost of living in Wuppertal is €800, which includes rent, food, clothing, internet access, etc.

Popular Courses for International Students

Graduates at IDM have worked in administration over many years as they hold credentials in theology, social pedagogy, humanities, finance, and sociology. Some popular courses are-

  1.  M.A. Diakoniemanagement
  2.  M.A. International Diaconic Management

Places to visit near the University

Wuppertal is a concentration of tiny towns on the high banks of the Wupper River and is the biggest city in the Bergisches Land, a mountainous region of North Rhine-Westphalia.
1. The Von der Heydt Museum is one of Germany’s most prominent museum and art galleries, housed in the suitable substrate of Elberfeld’s historic town hall.
2. A trip to Wuppertal isn’t complete without a voyage here on the city’s suspension train, which has been in use and a popular attraction more than a century after it was constructed.
3. Stadthalle Wupertall is the musical theatre on a small hill just up from the Hauptbahnhof. It is an essential element of any touring trip of the town.

AT IDM, an interdisciplinary team comprising science professors delivers the course programs. The emphasis of the faculty has always been on organizational and diaconal management issues. All in all, IDM provides high-quality business education by focusing on its core values.

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