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Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

About Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) is a non-profit organization. It was established in the year 2011. It is a modern, international research institute in Mainz, Germany. This Institute was opened with funding from the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. This Institute now has over 200 researchers.


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Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)
Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

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Rank of Institute of Molecular Biology(IMB)

The rank of this institute is not available on Edurank.

Internships near Institute of Molecular Biology(IMB)

Students find it necessary to do an internship when they are studying in Germany. This Institute can provide some information about internships. Students have to check the institute’s website for the latest updates. Companies like Ubisoft, Deutsche Bahn AG, PwC, BSI, Barclays, Döhler,Vibracoustic SE, etc offer opportunities for internships.

Jobs near Institute of Molecular Biology(IMB)

Students can do some side jobs to bear their living expenses while they are living in Germany. They are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days of a year. Students can also join as ‘HiWi’s in university. Students can also work as research assistants at any university. Private tutor, cashier, bartender, waiter or waitress at the cafe, etc are a few examples of Off-campus jobs. Companies, for example, Zenjob GmbH, Apple, SAIC, Bank of America, French Consulting, Qatar Airways offer part-time job opportunities to students.

Housing and Accommodation

Welcome Service of this institute provides supports in finding accommodation. Students have to reserve accommodation as soon as possible. They can choose the private accommodation option. The rent will not be more than 400 Euros per month.

Cost of Living

This Institute does not charge any tuition fees. Students have to give a semester contribution of 331 Euros per semester. It includes a semester ticket that allows students to use public transport in that region. So, the average cost of living will be around 800 Euros per month.

Popular Courses for International Students

This Institute offers International Ph.D. Program on Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability. Some famous topics of this  Ph.D. program are as follows:

  1. Aging and Disease
  2. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  3. DNA Repair and Genome Stability
  4. Epigenetics and Nuclear Dynamics
  5. Gene Regulation and Evolution
  6. RNA Biology

Places to visit near the University

Mainz is a German city that is best known for its renaissance architecture. It is also the capital and the largest city of Rhineland Palatinate. Some popular places of this city are as follows:

  • Gutenberg Museum– It is one of the oldest museums in the world. It is located opposite the cathedral in the old part of Mainz.
  • Mainz Cathedral-It is 1000 years old Roman Catholic cathedral.
  • Biebrich Palace– it is a Baroque residence located in the city.
  • Landesmuseum Mainz-It is a museum of art and history located in Mainz.
  • Rheinsteig- It is a hiking route with views mainly elevated and stretches up to 320 kilometers.

This institute’s mission is to answer questions in how organisms grow, age, and develop disease through their basic research in epigenetics, genome stability, and related fields. Their Ph.D. program attracts students and young researchers from all over the world.

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