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International Student Safety in Germany

International Student Safety in Germany

Safety is always a major concern while traveling alone to a distinct place and it is a more prominent concern when you are going to stay in a foreign country. There are a lot of students who have experienced insecurity while being in a foreign place where the language is also a barrier to communication. In this article, we are going to discuss International Student Safety in Germany.

International Student Safety in Germany
International Student Safety in Germany

Global Ranking of Germany for International Student Safety

As far as safety is concerned Germany is considered a safe place for international students. The data derived from the Global Peace Index and global comparison of Societal Safety and Security works as a reassuring agent for families and students. According to Global Peace Index 2020, Germany stands in 16th position among 163 countries and ranked 11th among 36 European states. Germany ranks 20 in the global comparison of Societal Safety and Security.

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Student Safety Tips in Germany

While Germany is a safe country for students there are some common safety protocols students must follow to avoid crimes like pickpocketing.

    1. Always keep your belongings close to yourself while in large gatherings or traveling to unknown places.
    2. Avoid walking around the dark streets.
    3. Be careful while using ATMs and avoid carrying cash.
    4. Carry items of value in different places.
    5. Make a copy of emergency security resources.

Racism in Germany

Racism is always a hot topic among students going abroad for their studies. There is racism still exists in all parts of the world. However, there are many countries actively trying to combat situations like this. Germany is among the countries that have Anti Discriminatory Policies and offices where students can come forward and report such incidents. On a national level, Germany has an agency to deal with issues related to discrimination which is effectively working for the eradication of discrimination inside the country. For women’s safety and counseling support, multiple organizations are working on multiple levels.

Emergency Contacts

You need to remember some emergency contact and feel free to contact them in situations of emergency. While some of the emergency contact numbers are:

Fire and medical emergency: 112

Police: 110

Suicide hotline: 0800 111 01 11

Alcoholics anonymous: 19 295

Violence against women hotline: 08000 116 016

AIDS hotline: 0180 331 94 11

Non-emergent medical assistance (doctor on call): 116 117

Germany is one of the most preferred countries by students for higher studies. German colleges are famous for providing quality education at a very low cost. Student safety is always a great concern. Germany provides a safe environment for students. Also, keep in touch with the embassy and situations of emergency immediately contact them.

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