Internet Based TOEFL: Everything you need to know

Internet Based TOEFL: Everything you need to know

Internet Based TOEFL test is used to evaluate the English proficiency of non-native English speakers. Many international companies, universities, government agencies, and scholarships require TOEFL to assess a person’s English proficiency. This is a computer-based test. In this test, many of the question types from traditional paper-based exams are merged with new ones that can be delivered electronically. Even the most unskilled computer users will find our testing system to be simple to use.

Internet Based TOEFL Everything You need to Know
Internet-Based TOEFL Everything You need to Know

Sections Of Internet-Based TOEFL

Similar to paper-based tests this has 4 basic sections:


This test measures the ability to understand academic reading material. This test consists of 3-4 reading passages of approximately 700 words and 10 questions related to each passage. However, you need to complete this within a time limit of 72 minutes.


This test measures the ability to understand the basic communication done in universities and workplaces. This consists of 3-4 lectures including classroom dialog with 6 questions per lecture. 2-3 conversation audio of two or more speakers are also played. You need to answer 5 questions related to each audio. However, you need to finish all this within 57 minutes.


This test chiefly measures a person’s ability to speak English. This test requires a person to speak in a microphone. The Audio is recorded through the microphone. While the recording process takes about 20 minutes to complete.


This test basically measures a person’s ability to write in an appropriate way for university and work. This contains two tasks. Integrated Writing Task occurs in the first place where you must listen and read a passage. You need to write your response for the passage in a time of 20 minutes. Lastly, Independent Writing Task takes place. In this, you need to write an essay on the given topic. You need to complete this task within 30 minutes.

Bodies Accepting Internet-Based TOEFL

More than 5,000 schools and universities accept Internet Bases TOEFL scores and licensing bodies worldwide. If English is not your first language, certain institutions or universities may need you to have a specific TOEFL score to be admitted. However, a high TOEFL score does not ensure academic success or entrance to the universities of your choosing.

If you have already given IELTS and want to check your TOEFL equivalent, you can convert your IELTS to TOEFL Score here!!

Non-native English speakers who are in the eleventh grade or higher should take the Internet-Based TOEFL exam to demonstrate their English language ability before starting academic work. However, students under the age of eleven are thought to find the test material to be too challenging. While the scores are subjective for every university. You need to first check the university requirements before applying with the scores.

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