IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship

IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship

The International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is Germany’s largest scholarship university. IU facilitates its students all over the world with opportunities to study anytime and anywhere programs. IU provides students with both online learning programs and on-campus learning programs. The majority of programs are available online with part-time study options and multiple scholarships.

Iu Germany's Largest Scholarship
IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship

IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship Summary

    • Funded by: IU
    • Country: Germany
    • Level of Education: Undergraduate and Masters
    • Eligible Students: All International Students
    • Coverage: Partially Funded

Requirements for the Scholarship

In order to get an IU scholarship, you need to provide the following documents.z

    • Letter of Motivation
    • Passport Copy
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Transcript and supporting documents in PDF Format
    • University Entrance qualification

Written Letter of Motivation should be of max 1 A4 size page. You can also provide a video of a max of 5 minutes. The video provided should be with a not expiring link.

How to Apply?

To apply for the scholarship, you can send your application by e-mail to stipendium@iu.org. You need to indicate the scholarship you are going for as a subject. You need to submit the application within a month as the deadlines are of just one month.

While applying for a scholarship you can also apply for the desired degree program. However, the results of the scholarship are usually declared within two weeks after the end of your application month.

Who can Apply for a Scholarship?

IU primarily tries to support people with disabilities, women in tech, single parents, or new beginners who want to perform well in their studies.

IU Scholarship for People with Disability:

People with disability face challenges every day in their life. On encouragement, these people can also influence a lot of people.

Requirements: Proof of impairment in terms of a medical certificate is required.

IU Scholarship for women in STEM study:

For women trying to make their careers in a male-dominated field, IU is always there with women in tech scholarship.

IU Scholarship for Single Parents

To the single Parents studying at IU, IU provides something along with respect. IU is not only concerned with your future but also plans the future of your kids. Scholarships aids you financially to grow with your career.

IU Scholarship for the new beginner

People willing to start their careers or change their careers are strongly supported by IU with this Scholarship.

While applying for Germany’s largest Scholarship you should keep in mind that you can apply once. The application period is usually one month therefore you need to keep the deadlines in mind. However, the results are usually declared within 2 weeks.

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