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Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School

About Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School (MBS) serves as the umbrella body for management education at the University of Mannheim. It was founded in 2005. The school is situated at Mannheim Palace, one of Europe’s largest baroque castles, in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Mannheim Executive MBA, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA (weekend and modular), and MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA are the four worldwide MBA programs offered by the university. More than 60% of the students at the school are from other countries.

Mannheim Business School
Mannheim Business School

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Overall Ranking

As of now, it has not been ranked on any of the accredited websites.

Internship near Mannheim Business School

Internships play important role in gaining practical exposure and knowing about the job market. Students can find internships on many online portals as well as on newspapers. Some firms that provide internships to the students are Peek & Cloppenburg, dm-drogerie markt, and ABB.

Jobs near Mannheim Business School

Part-time jobs assist students in managing their finances independently. They can work both on and off-campus. They can work as a research assistant on campus. They can hunt for part-time work on various online platforms. Furthermore, these companies DMI GmbH & Co. KG, YoungCapital DE, and Unicopy provide part-time jobs.

Housing and Accommodation

Even though, University does not provide on-campus housing. The Studierendenwerk Mannheim has residence halls situated around the city. Students can look around on numerous online websites that provide accommodation. They can go for shared apartments or private accommodation. The rent for shared apartments lies between EUR 295 to EUR 450 per month.

Cost of Living

A regular tuition fee at MBS is EUR 7,250 per semester. The MBS application fee is EUR 99 and must be paid at the time of submission of the application documents. The average monthly cost of living in Mannheim is EUR 850.

Popular Courses for International Students

MBS offers innumerable courses to international students some are as follows-

  1. Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
  2. Master in Management Analytics
  3. Mannheim Master in Management Analytics
  4. Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation
  5. Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science and Measurement
  6. Mannheim Executive MBA

Places to Visit Near University

Mannheim is a city on the Rhine and Neckar rivers in southwest Germany. Historical displays and the University of Mannheim are housed in the baroque 18th-century Mannheim Palace. Few tourist attractions for students to visit are as follows-

  1. Luisenpark –  Luisenpark is a municipal park. It is 41 hectares in size and is located on the left bank of the Neckar river.
  2. Mannheim Baroque Palace– Mannheim Palace is a significant Baroque palace in the German city of Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. It was once the primary house of the Prince-electors of the House of Wittelsbach’s Electorate of the Palatinate.
  3. Kunsthalle Mannheim-The Kunsthalle Mannheim is a modern and contemporary art museum in Mannheim, Germany. It was founded in 1909 and was completed in 1907.

Mannheim Business School combines a region with enormous economic and innovative strength, one of Europe’s greatest universities, and a global network of the world’s brightest minds. It is the foundation of all of the Business School’s programs and activities, and it brings together their students, alumni, teachers, staff, and business partners.

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