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Minimum German Proficiency Level Required for Universities

Minimum German Proficiency Level Required for Universities

Language is an important aspect if you want to study abroad. Language plays a crucial role in your learning experience. Specifically speaking about studying in Germany, it is very important to know the German language if you are willing to study here. Although many courses in Germany are taught in English, higher studies in various fields demand German proficiency.

Minimum German Proficiency Level Required for Universities

German Proficiency Certificates Recognized in Germany

To prove proficiency in German you need to get a certificate. Some of the most recognized German proficiency certificates are:

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    • DSH Certificate
    • TestDaF Certificate
    • Education Ministers’ Conference language certificate
    • GDS Certificate
    • DSD Certificate

German Level Required for Undergraduate Programs

The various undergraduate programs in Germany are available in English but knowing the German language can give you a plus point at the time of admission to these programs. A German level of B1 to A2 for admission to these programs will also work. If you are enrolling in a program where German is mandatory, then you will require a compatibility level of C2 or C1.

German Level Required for Graduate Programs

Likewise, Undergraduate program you need a C1 or C2 level or German compatibility for the courses that require the German language. Still, multiple programs in Germany are in the English language but knowing German will add an upper hand to your admissions.

German Proficiency required for Ausbildung Programs

Ausbildung in Germany is growing popular nowadays. If you want to choose an Ausbildung program in Germany, you need to be proficient in German as the training is only in German. For these programs, you need to show a C1 or C2 level of proficiency.

Which Certification is best for you depends upon your requirements. Every university has its specific requirement for the level of German proficiency for the different courses. You need to keep in mind that the course that requires public interaction will always require a C2 or C1 level in German as you need to be very compatible with the language.

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