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On 26 June 2022. Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, attended the G7 Summit being held in Munich, and here are some of the key highlights of the visit. The leaders of Germany, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa as well as Ukraine were the partner countries of “G7 SUMMIT 2022”. Issues ranging from environment, energy crisis, and how to tackle terrorism were the focal points of the Summit. After the Summit, PM Modi met with the people of the Indian community. It was the biggest convocation of the Indian community in Germany, post-pandemic.

Modi in Munich- Summit Highlights
Modi in Munich- Summit Highlights

Following are the highlights of PM Modi Munich Visit:

1. “READY FOR NEXT 25 YEARS”: PM Modi addressed the people and said the roadmap for the next 25 years is ready, till the time India will celebrate its 100th Independence Day. He also mentioned the new education policy, and addressed Indian citizens, living abroad as “Ambassadors of India”. While talking about health he said, “India is now becoming the center of traditional medicines. We have made the world hold their nose with the power of yoga”.

2. “SAVING LIVES WITH MADE IN INDIA VACCINES”: While addressing the Indian community, PM Modi said, Vaccines made in India are saving thousands of lives all around the world. He also commented that 90% of the Indian population is vaccinated. He remarked, “It is the same India, which would have taken 10-15 years to reach this mark.” While talking about the increase in exports in India, PM Modi said, “India achieved the milestone of highest exports till date. It shows that the world is looking at us with hope.”

3. “Hota Hai’, ‘Chalta Hai’ Mentality Is India’s Past”: PM Modi said, India’s past mentality has changed. Now India is all about, “Have to do it” and “Do it on time”. “In IT, digital technology, India is achieving new milestones. “Today, India is making new records in data consumption. India is among those countries where mobile internet data is the cheapest in the world,” the Prime Minister said. He also apprised about the use of drones and IT.

4. “New Unicorn Is Being Created Every 10 Days In India”: While addressing the crowd, PM Modi said, on average 5000 patents are filed every day. 500 new railway coaches are built every month and almost 18lakh water connections have been provided. “If I’ll keep talking about the achievements of Indians, it will cross your dinner time.” Prime Minister Modi said.

To conclude everything we could say that Modi’s visit to Munich was a complete success he shared his future plans for the country and also told the people about all the amazing things going on right now. apart from that, he encourages the Indian people living outside the country to be proud of their identity and make the country proud as they are the representatives of India outside the country. The discussions regarding the environment were also a huge success and definitely strengthened India’s relationship with participant countries.

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