Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

Muthesius University’s mission centres on the creative and productive fields of art and design, emphasizing the vital link between theory and practice. This ongoing partnership revolves around the core concept of art and design, necessitating independence as a primary requirement. Students are drawn to Muthesius with the desire to develop into creative and productive individuals, allowing for personal growth.


The only art university in Schleswig-Holstein is Muthesius University of Art and Design. It follows that Muthesius’ collaboration with Schleswig-Holstein’s social, cultural, and academic institutions is obvious. In excellence clusters, prominent researchers from various local educational partners (University of Kiel, University Hospital, etc.) have been brought together with outstanding academics from our university.

Overall Position

In the world, the university is ranked 7521 of 14,131; in Europe,1691 of 2,785; in Germany,222 of 369; 9 of 12 In Schleswig-Holstein and 3 of 3 In Kiel.

Internship near Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

    • Contact the university’s career services or internship office.
    • Use job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Internships.com with location filters.
    • Explore local company websites matching your field.
    • Attend on/off-campus career events and network with professors, classmates, and professionals.
    • Reach out directly to desired companies, even if no openings are advertised.
    • Join LinkedIn groups and follow relevant organizations on social media.
    • Check local newspapers and community boards for listings.

Living Accommodations

    • Schleswig-Holstein Student Union offers various study-related services.
    • Services include affordable meals, reasonable housing options, financial assistance, and cultural and social counselling.
    • The Bundestag passed a law providing a one-time payment (flat-rate energy price) for college and vocational school students.
    • The payment is aimed at helping students cope with increasing costs related to food, heating, and electricity.

Expenses of Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design’s tuition table provides an overview of expenditures, however, prices are approximations that are subject to change and do not take into account living expenses, housing, or textbooks. Program prices for domestic and international students may vary greatly. The university’s official website is the only place to go for accurate numbers at this time.

  1. Cost of Program (per semester)
    • €500 for a Bachelor of Fine Arts
    • €700 Master of Fine Arts
    • Design Bachelor €550
    • €750 Master of Design

Requirements for language proficiency

    • The language of instruction is German at Muthesius Kunsthochschule.
    • Admission requires evidence of German language proficiency based on the program:
    • Industrial design, scenography/interior design, communication design, and art Grammar school teacher preparation programs: C1 level (Goethe C1, DSH 2, Test-DaF 44, or telc C1 Hochschule).
    • Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts: B1 level (Goethe B1, SD B1, or telc B1).
    • Master’s level: B2 level (DSH1, Test-DaF 43, or telc B2).

Courses in Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

Bachelor Master
B.F.A. Liberal Arts M.F.A. Liberal Arts
B.A. Art teaching degree at grammar schools M.Ed. Art teaching degree at grammar schools
B.A. Communication Design M.A. Communication Design
B.A. Industrial Design M.A. Industrial Design (Medical Design or Interface Design)
B.A. Scenography / Interior Design M.A. Spatial Strategies

Muthesius University, with its strong emphasis on art and design, offers a vibrant educational experience. Its commitment to bridging theory and practice, fostering creativity, and providing independence to students is evident in its unique programs. Muthesius stands as an appealing choice for those seeking a creative and productive academic journey.

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