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New COVID Rules for Autumn and Winter from 1 October

New COVID Rules for Autumn and Winter from 1 October

The formal introduction of new national Coronavirus prevention measures for the next autumn and winter has been announced by the German government. The news came after the German Bundestag on September 8 2022 adopted a proposal from the Ministry of Health. This called for the implementation of additional COVID measures.

The new legislation, which the Bundestag approved for passage. This will go into effect on October 1 and continue effect until April 7, 2023.

New COVID Rules for Autumn and Winter from 1 October
New COVID Rules for Autumn and Winter from 1 October

Mandatory Rules and Regulations

The newly established set of regulations is intended to safeguard Germany against the COVID pandemic’s potential spread as the country enters the autumn and winter.

    • All passengers above the age of 14 will be obliged to wear an FFP2 mask on long-distance trains in Germany starting on October 1 in accordance with the new regulations.
    • On long-distance trains, face masks will also be needed for children between the ages of 6-13. However, a surgical face mask will be fine as they don’t absolutely need to wear an FFP2 mask.
    • The use of masks will be required on long-distance trains, but not on airplanes or in airports. Both domestic and international flights will not require face mask wear from passengers. However, it has been noted that if COVID-19 infection instances start to rise, this regulation may need to be alter.
    • Coronavirus guidelines will also be more stringent in hospitals and elderly homes beginning on October 1. All personnel and visitors working in hospitals and nursing homes must put on an FFP2 mask. Visitors will also need to provide proof of a negative rapid test, while employees must test three times each week.
    • Individual states will have the authority to enact mask regulations. This will be for secondary schools, and other indoor public spaces, including public transportation. They will also be allow to undertake testing in childcare facilities and schools.
    • It has been said that states have the option to enact exceptions. If they desire to make masks require attire for particular public gatherings and activities. People who can demonstrate a recent negative test, a recent illness, or a recent COVID vaccination may not be obliged to wear a face mask.

The aforementioned rules and regulations will be universally applicable, and the federal states will have the discretion to enact additional regulations on an individual basis based on the local COVID circumstances.

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