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OTH Amberg-Weiden

OTH Amberg-Weiden

About the University

OTH Amberg-Weiden is a University of Applied Science found in 1994 located in a district of Bavaria called Upper Palatinate. The University has enrolled 3,500 students out of which 18% are international students which are taught and supported by 84 professors. It has four departments on two campuses in Amberg and Weiden, each, on the distance of about 40 kilometers.


OTH Amberg-Weiden
OTH Amberg-Weiden

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Overall Ranking- OTH Amberg-Weiden

Current statistics state that the University holds a rank of 4681 of 14,160 in the World, 1264 of 2,789 in Europe, 187 of 370, and 21 of 45 in Bavaria.


Courses offered by the University- OTH Amberg-Weiden

Masters courses provided by the University:-

  • Applied Organizational Psychology (WP)
  • Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (AR)
  • Digital Business (DB)
  • Digital Entrepreneurship (DEI)
  • Global Research in Sustainable Engineering
  • Human Resource Management (HR)
  • Innovation-focused Mechanical Engineering (IN)
  • Intercultural Business and Technology Management (IM)
  • International Energy Engineering
  • International Management & Sustainability (IMS)
  • IT and Automation (IA)
  • Artificial Intelligence (MKI)
  • Logistics & Digitalization (MLD)
  • Media Technology and Media Production (MP)
  • Medical Technology (ME)
  • Environmental Technology (UM)
  • Industrial Engineering – Digital Engineering & Management
  • Economy and Law (WR)

Jobs and internships- OTH Amberg-Weiden

Students can finance their studies by joining any internship or job. Either, they can work in the university as academic assistants or can opt to work in the outside market. Vacancies in the outside market are easily available through online portals. Organizations such as LMH Engineering, Gi Group Deutschland GmbH, LANTENHAMMER GmbH, and many more are easily reachable online.

House and Accommodation

Accommodations are available in form of single or shared rooms or apartments. For accommodation, students can apply for student dormitories that are located within walking distance of the campus. They also have an option for living in private accommodation. Rent for accommodation usually ranges around 247-265 EUR/month (varies according to different places).

Cost of living

The cost of living depends upon the lifestyle of the student and the place student choose to live in the city. Students have to pay a mandatory contribution of semester fee which is  52 EUR/semester. An average amount of expense ranges around 750-800 EUR/month (including rent, groceries, and other basic utilities).

Places to visit near

Some famous places to visit in Amberg are:-

  • Stadtmuseum Amberg- It is a museum in the city of Amberg
  • Nabburger Tor- It is the oldest gate and due to reconstruction it is also the most modern city gate of the Upper Palatinate city of Amberg
  • LUFTMUSEUM Amberg- Known as Air Museum in English located in Amberg. It is a special museum of cultural history, since 2006.
  • Monte Kaolino- It is a dune in Hirschau, Bavaria, Germany. It consists of 35,000,000 tonnes of sand. It is now used as a ski resort for sand skiing and sandboarding.

The University is young and innovative, offers profoundly qualifying and future-orientated learning to its students. It nurtures a unique form of collaboration and partnerships with companies, ensuring a straight transfer of knowledge and expertise between teaching and practice, science and economy.

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