Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

About the university

Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971 and is situated in Rosenheim, Germany. The university has 4 campuses, the main campus is at Rosenheim and the other three are at Mühldorf am Inn, Burghausen, and Chiemgau. The university is known for its open and friendly atmosphere and has many well-equipped workshops and laboratories. Through study projects, theses, executive education programs, and applied research, the university works intensively with industry, including small and medium-sized companies. The university believes in the concept of theory-practice transfer forms.

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences
Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

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Overall Ranking: Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

According to current statistics- The university is ranked 4699 of 14,160 universities in the World; 1269 of 2789 universities in Europe; 188 of 370 universities in Germany; 22 of 45 in Bavaria and 1 of 1 in Rosenheim.


Facts and Figures

The university enrolls around 6000 students and offers 7 Bachelor and 6 Master degree programs. The university also has a family office and offers courses in over 30 different disciplines and sports.

Programs offered by the university

The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in various courses which include-

  • Business Studies
  • Technology Studies
  • Design Studies
  • Healthcare studies

Jobs and Internships

The university provides job exchanges to advertise positions for Practical semesters, Work placements for Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, Internships, Student jobs, Graduate positions, or trainee programs. The students have to register once in order to advertise their positions. Once approved by the university they can then add their job offers themselves via the internal job market. Hochschul Jobborse is an electronic platform for jobs that provides you with access to around 75,000 students and 14 universities in Bavaria all at the same time.

House and Accommodation

It is always better to start looking for accommodation well before you start your studies. Halls of residence can be found which have reasonable rents and will be in proximity to the university, hence the demand is high and the students will have to wait up to 1 semester to get into residence halls.

There are various online facilities and portals that can assist you with your search for a private room or flat.

Cost of Living: Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

Living costs for a student amount to an average of around 800 Euros per month, for rent, utility bills, food, clothes, learning materials, transport, communication, leisure, and health insurance. This amount would cost around INR 70,000/month and 950 USD/month.

CategoryExpensive City [in Euro]Average [in Euro]Small town [in Euro]Comments
Rent 500375200Depending on the location
Semester Fees350200110Per semester
Transportation000The cost of transportation is already included in the semester fees.
Public Insurance110110110Insurance does not depend on cities.
Private Insurance353535you can choose either public or private insurance.
Radio Bill18.3618.3618.36Per month
Mobile20158Mobile bill does not depend on cities. Usually it cost 8-20 euro per month
Groceries220200160Depending on your choice
Miscellaneous200150100Depending on your choice
Total [with Public Insurance]1,4181,068.36706.36Per month
Total [with Private Insurance]1,343993.63631.36Per month

Places to visit near the university

Rosenheim offers intercultural exchange and at the same time mountains on the horizon and leisure activities at every turn. A few places close to the university campus include-

  • Salin Garden
  • Municipal Museum Rosenheim
  • Holztechnisches Museum Rosenheim e.V.
  • Riedergarten

There are many other museums and gardens to explore as well.

Popular courses at the university for international students

Teaching is exclusively digital at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences.

  • Computer Science.
  • Applied Research and Development. (taught in German)
  • Engineering Sciences. (taught in English)
  • Computer Science.
  • Management and Engineering.
  • Management and Engineering.

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