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SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

About the University

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized, and accredited university founded in 2002. It has diverse opportunities, management, and entrepreneurship. Apart from that, the university has over 65 accredited German and English-language study programs. International orientation is the main focus of the university. Subsequently, the percentage of international students in the student population is 44%.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

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University Rankings

According to the current statistics, the university holds up a good ranking at 6796 of 14,160 in the world, 1804 of 2,789 in Europe, 264 of 370 in Germany, 25 of 46 in Brandenburg, and 16 of 36 in Berlin.


Courses offered by the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

The university offers a wide range of interdisciplinary degree programs with a greater focus at research. Following are some of the courses offered by the university:

Search more than 34+ English courses offered by the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences 

Jobs & Internships – SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

The university offers a variety of options in terms of jobs and internships. Primarily, CareerService is a platform that provides the support that students need to reach their professional goals like advice on organizational procedures, workshops, etc. Secondly, students can also work part-time jobs in restaurants, stores, supermarkets, shops, etc to manage expenses. Lastly, companies like MANGO, REWE, Lidl, IKEA, Sephora, etc also offer jobs through online portals.

Housing and Accommodation

The university provides on-campus housing in hostels, dormitories. Apart from that, private accommodation includes shared apartments, single and double rooms which are half/full furnished. The ERASMUS program is another good online through which students can search for affordable accommodations. Moreover, the average rent of a room in Berlin is €300-€450/month which is relatively high.

Cost of Living

The standard of living in Berlin is considerably high than in other cities in the country. The average cost of living in Berlin is €850/month which includes rent, food, clothing, leisure, etc. Apart from that, students can manage expenses by working and volunteering. Moreover, the living costs on each individual’s personal preferences and way of life.

Places to Visit Near SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Berlin is the capital city of the country and has had a turbulent history throughout the 20th-century. Apart from that, the city is also known for its art scene and modern architecture and landscape. Following are some attractive tourist destinations for students to visit:

  • Reichstag Building: The historic building with a glass-domed structure is the home of parliament. It was opened in 1894 but fell into disuse after Second World War but full restorations were made. In 1999 it once again became the meeting place of the German parliament.
  • Berliner Fernsehturm: It’s a 1960s  television tower with majestic architecture & a viewing platform. It was a symbol of the city and is located in Marien Quarter. Moreover, students should come to the tower to get a bird-eye’s view of the city.
  • Berlin Cathedral: Its also known as Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. It came into being in the 1400s and has exceptional architecture. Students should visit this place and explore its beauty.

In a nutshell, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a successful and well-renowned educational institution with international contacts and networks that helps students in their career development and enter the job market successfully.


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