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Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)

Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)

About Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)

Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule) in Frankfurt am Main is a fine arts academy. It has been dedicated to providing an equal opportunity, international, adventurous, and autonomous art education since 1817. The yearly student exhibition “Rundgang,” the graduation exhibition, and the lecture program, all of which take place at the Städelschule auditorium during the semester. It is a public institution with 150 students currently enrolled, 86% of them are international students.

State University of Fine Arts
State University of Fine Arts

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Overall Ranking

The university has ranked 7232 of 14,160 in the World 1894 of 2,789, in Europe 276 of 370, in Germany, 19 of 22 in Hesse, and 6 of 7 in Frankfurt am Main.


Internship near Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)

Students are not permitted to participate in internships at the university. They can choose internships outside of the university based on their personal interests. Students can also apply for internships with companies like Emma, BAGSOLATE, and Muthmedia over the internet.

Jobs near Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)

For overseas students, part-time employment is important for earning money and gaining work experience. Students at this university are not permitted to work part-time. Part-time positions at companies like Zühlke, Cocomore, and Dematic may also be found online.

Housing and Accommodation

Students are not provided with private flats, shared apartments, or dormitories at the university. Students can look for housing outside of school that meets their needs (fully furnished or semi-furnished). It cost roughly €525/month for shared accommodation.

Cost of Living

The institution provides a diverse range of degrees, with semester tuition costs of about €4250 each semester. Without rent, student living expenditures in Frankfurt are roughly €930 per month.

CategoryExpensive City [in Euro]Average [in Euro]Small town [in Euro]Comments
Rent 500375200Depending on the location
Semester Fees350200110Per semester
Transportation000The cost of transportation is already included in the semester fees.
Public Insurance110110110Insurance does not depend on cities.
Private Insurance353535you can choose either public or private insurance.
Radio Bill18.3618.3618.36Per month
Mobile20158Mobile bill does not depend on cities. Usually it cost 8-20 euro per month
Groceries220200160Depending on your choice
Miscellaneous200150100Depending on your choice
Total [with Public Insurance]1,4181,068.36706.36Per month
Total [with Private Insurance]1,343993.63631.36Per month

Popular Courses for International Students

The institution provides a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs for overseas students, including:

  1. Art history and art theory
  2. Computer Courses
  3. Photo lab
  4. Internet/Computer applications
  5. Architecture

Places to visit near the university

Frankfurt am Main is the full name of this historic imperial metropolis on the Main River, which has long been an important business and economic hub. Frankfurt’s spectacular skyline, which is dominated by a large cluster of high-rise buildings in the financial district, has a uniquely North American feel, earning it the nicknames “Mainhattan” and “Chicago on the Main.”

  1. Frankfurt’s Old Town Center: The Römerberg is an irregularly shaped plaza in the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town (Altstadt), with the Justice Fountain (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) at its center. It is not only Frankfurt’s most beautiful public plaza, but it is also the city’s busiest pedestrian zone, with a variety of tourist attractions and enjoyable activities, such as Christmas markets and other events.
  2. The Städel Museum (Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie): It is the most significant of the world-class institutions that make up Frankfurt’s Museum District, with its superb collection of paintings from the 14th century.
  3. The main tower, Frankfurt: The 200-meter-tall Maintower, located in the center of Frankfurt’s Inner City (Innenstadt) area, should be high on your list of entertaining things to do. This stunning 56-story skyscraper, which opened in 1999, is one of Germany’s biggest and features a fantastic public rooftop observatory.

Through a range of formats and discourses, the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)  education promotes free spaces for creativity and critical thought. The Städelschule provides programs in fine arts, architecture, and curatorial studies in collaboration with Goethe-Universität. All students are welcome to attend the Institute of Art Criticism classes. Since 1987, the Portikus exhibition space has been a component of the Städelschule. The Portikus has established itself as Germany’s preeminent experimental art center, contributing to the Städelschule’s international renown.

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