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Student Dormitories in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

Student Dormitories in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for students to pursue higher education. This is a great cause because Germany has the largest student population in Europe. This huge number of student problems comes with its issues like struggles to get dormitories or some other places to stay as the demand is too high.

Student Dormitories in Germany
Student Dormitories in Germany

Types of Student Dormitories in Germany

In Germany, there are lots of options available for students. German universities also provide dormitories to their students, but the demand is too high, so students also go for private renting. In a broad sense there are two types of housing:

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University Accommodation

Generally, student halls and residences are provided by most German universities. Most of these residences are managed by studentenwerk. A variety of rooms are available that range from single bedrooms to flats sharing up to 20 students.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is a widely chosen option by the students. The private accommodations in Germany are not more cost efficient and you have to take care of your bills (radio bill and internet bills) but still more students go for this choice. Also, to be more cost-efficient you can opt for the flat sharing under private accommodation.

How to find Student Dormitories in Germany?

In the cities like Munich, Hamburg, or Berlin finding cost-efficient housing can be a great challenge. Finding housing accommodation is a time taking process so be patient. Here are some options that can help you while looking for housing accommodation.

University Housing

University rooms can be the simplest option for housing accommodation. Universities do not have much housing space and the demands are too high, so you need to apply for the room a decent time before. You can apply through the university’s international office or via the local branch of studentenwerk.

Student Housing corporations

Student Housing Corporations cater specifically to students with housing spaces. The prices can be slightly higher than the university housing, but this also can be a good option to stay.

Rental Housing Agencies

If you are running short of time, then this option can be very helpful for you. You can take help from these agencies to list the best housing for your stay.

Internet and social media

When it comes to the internet then there is a lot of information available online. Many websites provide you with very useful information free of cost. With this facility, you need to be very conscious as there can be many scammers waiting for a soft target.

While looking for Dormitories in Germany do not forget to use your network. This will always help you with getting the best deal for you. Always remember that this is a time taking process and a rush can get you some serious troubles so have patience and be extra conscious while reading the contracts.

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