Study Biotechnology in Germany

Study Biotechnology in Germany

About Study Biotechnology in Germany

This guide will provide you with all of the relevant information regarding pursuing a Biotechnology course in Germany. Germany has swiftly become one of Europe’s top countries with biotechnology-focused enterprises and research organizations in the last five years, Germany has swiftly become of Europe’s top country biotechnology-focused enterprises and research organizations. Germany has 202 research facilities that are divided between universities, colleges, and non-academic research institutes.

Fee structure

Tuition costs are not imposed by German institutes, however, overall tuition prices charged by various institutes range from 103 EUR to 3000 EUR each year. A Biotechnology graduate’s beginning pay ranges from 76,000 EUR to 103,000 EUR per year.

Is it necessary for me to know German?

Quite simply, no! You do not need to speak German to enroll at a German university as long as you fulfill the minimum entry requirements for your selected degree program. If you explore programs that are taught in both English and German, you will have much more alternatives.

Study biotechnology in Germany

Universities offering the course Germany are:

1. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University was established in the year 1386. Located in Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, it is the oldest University in Germany and is one of the strongest research universities in Europe. This University believes in educating students and its young researchers from the bachelor phase is really important as educating them about social norms and responsibilities. This University offers students courses in the field of humanities, laws, and social sciences alongside the natural and life sciences, including medicine. They have more than 180-degree programs and 28,413 enrollment.

2. Technical University of Munich – TUM

The Technical University of Munich was established in the year 1868. The University excels in Research and Training. In addition, it is committed to interdisciplinary education and promoting young scientists. The University has its campuses at Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan, Straubing and, Heilbronn.

3. RWTH Aachen University:

The RWTH Aachen University is a technical university with an open research university that has domestic as well as international connections. An excellent university with around 40,000 students and an outstanding reputation in research and industry. RWTH Aachen University is one of Europe’s major institutions for science and research. Currently, around 31,400 students are registered in over 100 academic programs out of which 5,000 are international students holding up to 21.3% from 120 different countries.

4. Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK):

Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK) is one of Europe’s oldest fine arts educational establishments. Founded in 1764, the University approximately upholds 650 students who are enrolled every year in the academy’s various educational programs. BrühlscheTerrasse, Pfotenhauerstraße, and Güntzstraße are the three locations where the university is located. The University is an autonomous fine arts academy.

5. Freie University:

Freie University of Berlin was established in the year 1948. It was founded by professors and students in response to the harassment faced by students. The exceptional idea of founding a free university was supported internationally, financially, and in other ways also. This university became one of the nine universities to be selected for the excellence initiative jointly sponsored by the German federal government and the governments of the federal states. In 2012, the university was again selected among eleven universities in the excellence initiative.

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