mittweida university

The Mittweida University of Applied Sciences a public university. It is situated in Mittweida, Saxony, Germany. In 1867 it was established as Technikum. Later in 1969, it was promoted to University. So known as the second-largest public University of Applied Sciences in Saxony. The college offers the benefit of solid technical equipment along with experience of 140 years in education and research. Currently, the University has 7000 enrolled students of which 21% are foreign students. Because most of the programs at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences are offered in German, students are expected to meet German language requirements for admission. Furthermore, because the University has a small campus, students do not have to pay for transportation because everything is within walking distance. The campus of Mittweida University campus is situated in a city. It’s in one of the oldest towns in the area and has an urban setting.

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