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Top 10 universities in Germany for Law

Top 10 universities in Germany for Law

About Top 10 Universities for Law

Before getting into the Top 10 universities in Germany for Law, it’s crucial to understand the course. Law denotes the creation of legislation and enforcing them. Apart from that, it deals with the science of providing justice. In addition to that, major areas of law include criminal law, contract law, property law, international law, constitutional and administrative law. Also, German universities offer internationally recognized LLM degrees.

Average Salary for Law In Germany

The average salary of a data scientist in Germany is around 70,000 EUR/annum as per payscale.

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Top University

University of Augsburg

University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg is a university located in the Universitätsviertel section of Augsburg, Germany. It was founded in 1970 and is organized in 8 Faculties.

Situated at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, rich in history and with an active social and cultural life Augsburg is the ideal German town in which to study. The law school has over 2000 students, and approximately 100 teaching and research staff.



University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is one of the leading destinations in Germany in terms of its study environment and the level of its students.

There is a high demand for experts able to pursue both legal and economic arguments. The new bachelor’s program “Law & Business” offers just the right, broad and well-founded education to this end, and prepares students for work in commercial enterprises such as banks or tax consulting and auditing companies.

Humboldt University of Berlin

The Humboldt University of Berlin ranked 9th in Germany and 153rd in the World 2022 overall rankings, plus got TOP 50% in 183 academic topics.

The course has a strong focus on European and international perspectives. One special emphasis of research and teaching is the analysis of contemporary legal history. The faculty also emphasizes the perspective of legal counsel and legislation. The university came into existence in the year 1810 and aims at providing all-round humanist education. They have a standing of 276 in the World, 93 in Europe, and 5 in Germany in the field of Law. Also, out of the 36,222 students enrolled, 6,220 come from abroad. The department of law offers various jaw-dropping courses such as European and comparative law, international dispute resolution, commercial, public and criminal law, intellectual property law, and international business law. Even though there are no tuition fees yet a semester contribution of 320EUR/sem is mandatory. The expenses will not exceed 900EUR/sem.


University of Bremen

From 2012–2019, the University of Bremen with its future concept “Ambitious and Agile” was one of eleven universities that held the title “University of Excellence”.

The degree course in Jurisprudence (together with the social and economic sciences) prepares students for specialist and leadership careers at national and international levels in both the private as well as the state sphere. The university came into existence in the year 1971 and is one of the German universities of excellence. They have a standing of 282 in the World, 95 in Europe, and 6 in Germany in the field of Law. Also, out of the 19,163 students enrolled, 13% come from abroad. Apart from that, the various jurisprudence courses offered include criminology, public law, civil law, criminal science, environmental and economic law, health and medical law. Although, there are no tuition fees yet a semester contribution of 380EUR/sem is mandatory. Overall, the expenses would come around 800EUR/month.

Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg

Nineteen Nobel Prize winners are associated with the university, and many of the university’s academics have been awarded with highest German research prize for work done while at the university.

The University of Freiburg, founded in 1457 Freiburg is among the 5th oldest universities in Germany. It popularly goes by the name of the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. Besides being home to more than 24,000 students from across the globe, it has a long history of 22 Nobel Laureates associated with them. Moreover, it has inspired generations with its excellence both in the field of teaching as well as research. Also, they comprise 11 faculties and 19 research centers.

University of Hagen

University of Hagen

The FernUniversität in Hagen – University of Hagen – is the only state-maintained distance teaching university in the German-speaking countries and regions.

The Hagen Bachelor of Laws offers you a bachelor’s degree with a focus on business law. The University of Hagen is a public research university that focuses on remote education. While its main campus is in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the university has more than 50 study and research sites around Germany and Europe.

University of Hamburg

Universität Hamburg is the largest institution for research and education in northern Germany.

The university came into existence in the year 1919 and is one of the German universities of excellence. They have a standing of 265 in the World, 86 in Europe, and 4 in Germany in the field of Law. Also, out of the 43,957 students enrolled, 14% come from abroad. The faculty of law offers several interdisciplinary courses for instance German law, law, and economics, European and International law, and insurance law. Even though there are no tuition fees yet a semester contribution of 335EUR/sem is mandatory. 800EUR/month is needed to cover the expenses.

Heidelberg University

The University is among the top three German universities in all three relevant international rankings – the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the QS World University Ranking and the Times Higher Education Ranking – and can also hold its position with strong rankings worldwide.

Heidelberg University was established in the year 1386. Located in Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, it is the oldest University of Germany and is one of the strongest research universities in Europe. This University believes in educating students and its young researchers from the bachelor phase are really important as educating them about social norms and responsibilities. This University offers students courses in the field of humanities, laws, social sciences alongside the natural and life sciences, including medicine. They have more than 180 degrees programs and 28,413 enrollment.


University of Cologne

The Cologne Faculty of Law, one of the largest and richest in tradition in Germany, was already a special faculty when it was founded in 1388.

The University of Cologne, located in Cologne is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It was the 6th university of central Europe in the year 1798. Later, it came into the picture in 1919. It was one of the universities that have received the title, “University of Excellence” from 2012-19. Moreover, it is one of the largest universities with 51,256 students, 657 professors, 6 faculties, and 4 clusters of excellence.

LMU München

LMU is currently the second-largest university in Germany.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich is an open research university associated with the LERU, Europaeum, and the German Excellence Universities and was established in 1472. The university is also known as the LMU Munich. The degree programs here are a combination of learning, creativity, and access to the latest research.

These are the best universities for Data Science in Germany that you can get enrolled in if you are thinking about Germany. For any related queries regarding universities, feel free to contact HowtoAbroad.

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