Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany

Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany

While studying in Germany to get into the best university the Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany are the best way to do it. Germany is fast becoming one of the most desired destinations for higher studies for international students. With more than 500+ institutions and a considerably low cost of living it has become an ideal destination to study abroad. Financing studies abroad is a tough job and trying to make a living simultaneously makes that job that much harder. To support and lessen the burdens on students who are taking on this incredible feat scholarships are the best way. Scholarships are a way for students to choose innovative programs with low tuition fees and accommodation costs.

Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany
Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany

Here are 5 Best Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany

DAAD Scholarship Programs

The DAAD Scholarship, the German Academic Exchange Service funds more than 100,000 scholars each year, German and international students get an opportunity to pursue their master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies at minimum cost. Moreover, the beneficiary of different scholarships gets different allowances. For instance, for postgraduate students, the monthly stipend is €850 and for doctoral students, it’s €1,200. Out of 188 scholarship programs available in 2021, Indian scholars are eligible for 25 DAAD scholarships, eligible candidates must have completed their prior degree with a minimum aggregate of 85%. Each applicant should have at least two years of work experience, be it in terms of field research, employment, or graduate assistantship.

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a political foundation with a policy of future workshops and an international network with partner projects in around 60 countries. The Heinrich Böll Foundation supports about 1,200 students and doctoral candidates with scholarships. The main avenues or course studies in which the foundation offers scholarships are political education, ecology, democracy, solidarity, nonviolence, etc. Its main focus is Green Project and the scholarship’s mission statement is to promote studying and graduating with positive ideas. Moreover, the Foundation grants scholarships to approximately 1,200 undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities per year. Each applicant should have excellent academic records, be socially and politically engaged, and have an active interest in the basic values of the foundation: ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination, and justice. Students for the master’s program will receive €850/month while doctoral candidates will receive €1200/month.

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschlandstipendium is a scholarship program that provides financial and non-material support to talented individuals and meritorious students all around the world. The scholarship is offered for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at public and state-recognized universities in Germany. Moreover, the scholarship is possible through a public-private collaboration where businesses, foundations, or individuals sponsor students with a sum of 150€ per month while the Federal Government adds another 150€ to that amount and is awarded for two semesters.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a scholarship program that supports and promotes higher education and offers students the opportunity to obtain a German university degree while deepening their special knowledge. The program is available for complete postgraduate, doctorate, or research students. Priority will be given to students of Ph.D. candidates from developing countries or countries that are going through a political transformation. Moreover, the stipend received for masters is €850/month for two years and €1100/month for three years for doctoral applicants.

Erasmus Scholarship Programs

Erasmus Scholarship Program is a specialized grant driven by the European Commission to give a budgetary guide to students from all parts of the world to study in Europe at select foundations. The major aim of the program is to enhance and support the academic career of the students. The scholarship is only available for students that are enrolled at a higher education institution and both home universities, as well as the German university, must have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The grants will cover enrollment, travel, as well as basic living costs.

In a nutshell, these scholarships are a way for students to focus solely on their studies and not worry about making a living in order to get exceptional grades and make a successful career out of it. Moreover, these Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Germany are philanthropic ways to promote education.

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