Trier University

Trier University

About Trier University

Trier University was first established in 1473 as a ‘high school’ that came under the umbrella of re-establishment in the year 1970 as Trier-Kaiserslautern dual university, possessing a strength of 13,333 students and 164 professors. Equally important, the lush green park with its lawn, pond,  and watercourse the University has embarked upon the goal of a green campus effectively. It is mostly located in the western part of Rhineland-Palatinate of the Moselle valley.

Trier University
Trier University

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University Ranking

Although Trier University is regarded as amongst the top 20 German institutes in the field of humanities and social science nevertheless, it has a ranking of 420 of 14178 in the World, 156 of 2794 in Europe, 24 of 372 in Germany, 2 of 18 in Rhineland-Palatinate and 1 of 2 in Trier.



Internships near University

Excluding Chemistry and sports, all other courses present the possibility of internships as part of the training in company-based jobs. Conversely, students expecting internships as part of the degree would be fairly disappointed. Fashiontale GmbH offers internships in the Trier region.

University Training

Since the university is recognized as a  training company under the Vocational Training Act consequently, Various training opportunities can be availed that constitute more or less 37 of them. A few of them are enlisted: Sports and fitness clerk, office management assistant, industrial mechanic, IT specialist specializing in application development, chemical laboratory assistant, and many more.

Jobs near University

One needs to keep an eye out for the various job opportunities for the post of academic/scientific staff and non-academic staff created on the official site from time to time. Although a few jobs may require German proficiency. International students are permitted to work 120 full days and 240 half days. Students from across the EU can avail the labor market. Additionally, several companies present employment opportunities, a few of them include Boehringer Ingelheim, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Max-Plank-Gesellschaft, US air force, etc.

Houses and Accommodation

Although, the prices vary depending on several factors for instance single or shared accommodation, university location; that is to say a small city or big one, availing amenities, etc. While living in a dorm room with a shared bathroom the expenditure comes around 200-250 EUR per month, on the other hand, it is estimated to be around 230-300 EUR for a single room in the dormitory whereas, that of a single apartment estimate to be 350-500 EUR.

Cost of Living

Even though there is no tuition fee rather, a semester contribution is mandatory which is 285 EUR for the first semester and 275 EUR from the second semester onwards. The forthcoming advantage is twofold. Firstly, it aids in having meals from the university cafeteria. Secondly, it permits students to visit places near the university by public transport with the help of semester tickets. The meals from the canteen/mensa cost around 3.5-4 EUR. To sum up, the expenditure would come around 800-900 EUR per month.

Places to visit near Trier University

The university encloses various tourist spots that are hard to miss, a few of them are enlisted:

  • Trier amphitheater
  • porta nigra
  • trier saint peter’s cathedral
  • electoral palace
  • Karl Marx house
  • barbara baths
  • Petersburg water band

Popular courses for International students

Trier University conducts various dynamic and exciting courses, a few among them are enlisted below:

  • Data Science(Master of Science,2years)
  • Master of Economics(Master of Science,2years)
  • English literature and media(Master of Arts,2years)
  • Environmental Science(Master of Science,2years)
  • Geoinformatics(Master of Science,2years)
  • European and East Asian Governance(Master of Arts,2years)
  • International Economics and public policy(Master of Arts,2years)
  • Natural language processing(Master of Science,2years)
  • Applied Statistics(Master of Science,2years)





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