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Tuition Fee and Semester Contributions in Germany

Tuition Fee and Semester Contributions in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad. Germany is a country that provides quality education at a very low cost. Public Universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees but there are some exceptions. If you are willing to study abroad at affordable prices, then Germany is for you. There is a zero-tuition fee concept in German public universities but there can be some very affordable semester contributions.

Tuition Fee and Semester Contributions in Germany
Tuition Fee and Semester Contributions in Germany

Tuition Fee in German Universities

When it comes to tuition fees Germany charges nothing. Public universities in Germany charge nothing as tuition fees. There are some exceptions for professional programs or some specialized programs that charge non-EU students a little amount tuition fee. Private universities in Germany do charge tuition fees which cost an average of 3,000-5,000 euros per Semester.

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Semester Contributions in German Universities

Although German universities cost nothing in the name of tuition fees. The universities in Germany do cost very little amount as a semester contribution. This is a marginal fee covering administrative costs, campus services, and semester tickets that allows you to use public transport free of cost. Both public and private universities charge this fee. The thing that makes the difference between public and private universities is that public universities charge nothing extra. The semester contributions generally cost around 250-300 euros.

Studying in Germany is not completely free of cost as you need to pay semester contributions but the amount, they charge is very less for the services they provide with it. This contribution is charged by all most all the universities just the difference is that the public universities in Germany charge nothing more than this. For private universities, the charges are in addition to semester fees.

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