Uni Assist : How to Apply | Everything you need to know Winter Semester 2022

University Application Service for International Students or Uni-Assist is a platform that aids international students in processing and evaluating applications for universities that are under its compass. Its an association of around 170 German universities. Its preliminary responsibility includes the evaluation of university or school-passing certificates and determining if they are at par with the German educational standards. For international students, Uni Assist acts as the central point of contact for a lot of universities.


Experience and Expertise

They have an impeccable record of processing almost around 300,000 student applications from as many as 180 countries each year. Thus, it’s safe to presume that they have gained quite a bit of experience over the years. Consequently, there’s nothing to worry about since the expertise they hold is unparalleled. Apart from that, they also run a service department that caters to the demands of international university applicants via e-mail and phone.


It’s a non-profit organization. Besides, they received a lump sum amount as their initial funding from DAAD. In addition to that, uni-assist possess its own IT development department. In turn, this provides software solutions to support the highly specialized processes and ensures seamless connectivity with common university systems.

There are a few steps that must be planned before you start your journey:

Collect every piece of information prior to application. Like in depth analysis of the opted course or the university.
Keep in mind, that for certain particular courses of the member universities, they prefer processing the applications of students directly.
You need to make sure that the university that you opted for is indeed a member university of uni-assist.


1.Firstly, you need to gather information from the uni-assist portal.

  • Their website covers all the viable topics in relation to queries.
  • They include bachelor’s courses, master’s courses, studienkolleg-preparatory courses, preparatory German language courses, introductory courses, and information for refugees as well.
  • Moreover, while visiting the university website, look out for the courses offered, admission criteria, and the application deadlines associated with it.

2. The next step is to go over the site and plan your application.

  • Look into the deadlines and processing time. One must send an application with enough time in hand.
  • Follow the standard procedure in which you submit your application details to a uni-assist. Once they evaluate it and give it a go-ahead signal, they will forward the application to the respective university. The rest will be at the university, they will decide and inform you of the deeds. You just need to sit back and relax till there’s a positive response from the university’s side.
  • There’s a special procedure named Vorprüfungsdokumentation(VPD), under which only a few application documents can be reviewed by uni-assist.
  • Apart from VPD, they encompass another special procedure, namely hochschulstart.de(DOSV), that mostly applies to popular undergraduate courses. It is not applicable for master’s courses. One can also re-apply through this portal.

3. Now you should arrange your documents: Keeping all the documents handy is a vital step since it will facilitate your preparations. As the phrase goes, “well begun is half done”, if you place your documents in order, half of the stress will vanish. They mostly include educational certificates, language certificates, certified copies and translations, and a few other documents. In case of any assistance regarding writing documents, please contact us.

4. After taking care of all the documents, you need to apply online. Step by step procedure:

  • Register into My assist application portal.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Fill out the applicant information and related educational history.
  • Select university and the preferred course.
  • Then go to documents under my application and upload documents including SOP, LOR, and CV.

5. The final phase is payment. These include the processing fee and evaluation fee for your documents. Moreover, there are various credible payment options that one can opt for.

6. The ultimate stage tackles the final procedures. Once you have submitted the application via My assist, you need to send the application be it online or via post. Keep an eye out for the status, evaluation result, and admission. Submit the missing documents, if any. Ultimately, make the changes suggested by them and your application is ready for the university.

In a nutshell, uni-assist is a one-stop facility for all of your application problems. Other that that, they have a myriad of benefits. As everything can be done under one umbrella, from helping and managing services to analyzing the growth. We can apply to uni-assist universities with a single click from the comfort of our own homes via my-assist. It also uploads paperwork and transmits TestAS results automatically.

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