Universities to Study Psychology in Germany

Universities to Study Psychology in Germany

Psychology is a very sensitive subject to study, especially in a foreign country. Psychology schools initially take various approaches to the study of the mind, following various psychology masters as a direction to offer direction-based syllabuses that students may find difficult to select. universities offering Psychology in Germany take a stand on which is reputedly the best method for developing this complex subject.

Universities to Study Psychology in Germany
Universities to Study Psychology in Germany

Advantages of studying Psychology in Germany

As an international student studying in Germany, you have a variety of options available to you, which include:

    • Low-cost study
    • Excellent research and training facility
    • Affordable costs of living
    • Work Opportunities for International Students
    • Wide range of courses on offer
    • Close links between theory and practice

Top Public Universities Offering Psychology in Germany

Although German is the most widely spoken language in the country, you can study psychology in English. But there is no need to be concerned. There are numerous universities in Germany where you can study psychology in English. Some of the best universities offering Psychology courses are:

University of Mannheim

Mannheim University is one of Germany’s top universities, ranking among the top 20 scientific research institutions in Europe. The Department of Psychology at the University of Mannheim is one of Germany’s premier research and teaching institutions. It is primarily concerned with the fields of Economic Psychology, Social Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology.

Bachelor’s degree programs begin in the fall, and prospective students can apply between the 15th of May and the 15th of July. Master’s degree programs typically require applications beginning March 15th for the winter semester and October 1st for the summer semester.


Dresden Technical University was established in 1828. There are around 32,000 students, 15% of them are international students. TU Dresden provides a Bachelor of Science in Psychology as well as various master’s programs, with courses focusing on clinical procedures, cognitive-affective neurosciences, and human performance in socio-technical systems.

Aptitude examinations and confirmation of German or English language skills may be required for applications. Most of the degree programs begin in the winter semester and deadlines for applying to study abroad vary by course.


The Technical University of Chemnitz, founded in 1836, has a rich history in engineering and the sciences. The 10,000-strong student body includes approximately 3,000 overseas students. Psychology is offered as a bachelor’s and master’s degree program at TU Chemnitz.

Students applying for these courses must demonstrate competency in the German language. The application deadline for the summer semester is January 15th, while the deadline for the winter semester is July 15th. These dates apply to all courses for foreign and other students.

ULM University

Ulm University’s Institute of Education and Educational Psychology was founded in the mid-1980s. Students get an introduction to the fundamentals of psychology and methodology. While this helps them to get an awareness of a variety of application areas. They can get both a vocational certificate in psychology and a good foundation to move on to a master’s program.

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International students have a unique opportunity with Psychology in Germany to apply for internships while enrolled in the program. It will not only help you with funding yourself (450 Euros a month), but it will also help you develop expertise that will help you find work pretty quickly. Germany pays well for psychologists and other related professions. Choosing psychology can be a wise decision if you are planning to study in Germany. After a Degree in Psychology, you can earn greatly. The average pay ranges between 9300 Euros to 37200 Euros annually.

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