University of Augsburg

University of Augsburg

About the University

The University of Augsburg is a university located in the Universitätsviertel section of Augsburg, Germany. It was founded in 1970 and is a relatively young campus university with approx. 18,000 students in October 2012. About 14% of its students are international. The university library consists of the central library plus libraries for social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.

University of Augsburg
University of Augsburg

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Overall ranking- University of Augsburg

According to present statistics, the university has the rank of 948 of 14,160 in the World, 353 of 2,789 in Europe, 60 of 370 in Germany, 7 of 45 in Bavaria, 1 of 2 In Augsburg. Besides, it holds the position of 185 of 1,501 for Condensed Matter Physics and is in the top 50% for 32 other topics.


Courses offered- University of Augsburg

The university provides courses in the following 8 faculties:-

  • Economics and Business
  • Law
  • Catholic Theology
  • Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • History and Philology
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Medicine

Jobs and internships- University of Augsburg

Students can earn some extra money by doing any job or internships. They can work in the university as HiWi or can look for a job in the outside market. Central ERP Software GmbH, Quantron AG, Tefen are some organizations in which vacancies can be searched easily through online portals and many more are there.

House and accommodation

Students can apply for dormitories at the Studentenwerk Augsburg. They can also opt to live in private accommodation. Accommodation generally consists of single or shared rooms or apartments. The average amount of rent is around 300-350 EUR/month.

Cost of living

The expenses of living entirely depend on the lifestyle of students. The average amount is around 700-850 EUR/month including rent, health insurance, and other necessities. Mandatory payment of the semester contribution should be paid by the student. Semester contribution is approx. 127.50 EUR/semester which includes the semester ticket for local transport.

Places to visit

Some popular places to visit in Augsburg are:-

  • Fuggerei- It is a public housing complex in operation since the 16th century, with an on-site museum.
  • Zoo Augsburg- It is a Zoo with breeding programs & spacious enclosures for mammals, birds & reptiles, including tigers.
  • Schaezlerpalais- Built in the 18th century, this baroque palace features opulent rooms, art, courtyards & gardens.
  • Rathausplatz- Pedestrianized cobbled plaza overlooked by the 17th-century town hall & soaring Perlach watchtower.
  • Augsburger Dom- It is a Gothic cathedral with square towers and renowned, 12th-century stained-glass windows.

The university provides a wide range of education and further training opportunities for the success of its educational mission. It keeps the traditional fields of knowledge and at the same time is open to new ideas. It promotes interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research. It encourages the quality of teaching by evaluating its courses of study.

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