University of Erfurt

University of Erfurt

About the University

The University of Erfurt is an unconventional public university as its both the youngest and oldest university located in Thuringia, Germany. Founded in 1379 and then reestablished after the unification of Germany in 1994, the university is home to over 6000 students and offers degree programs in various important faculties across academia. Not only that its main focus is mentoring and reformation paying homage to its alumnus, Martin Luther. The University of Erfurt also houses the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, the Gotha Research Center for Cultural and Social Scientific Studies, and the Willy Bandt School of Public Policy.

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University of Erfurt
University of Erfurt

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Overall Ranking

According to current statistics, the university ranks 1732 of 14,160 in the World, 574 of 2,789 in Europe, 80 of 370 in Germany, 4 of 12 in Thuringia, and 1 of 3 in Erfurt. In addition to that, it holds up a pretty good rank in subjects like Philosophy for 335 of 1,127 and top 50% for 9 other topics.


Courses offered by the University of Erfurt

The university has a vast curriculum and the following are the major faculties that provide both Bachelors and Masters degrees:

  • Education
  • Catholic Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Governance (Law, Economics and Social Science)

Scholarships and Financial aids:

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Internships near University of Erfurt

An internship in Germany is a chance to gain language proficiency and practical experience. Firstly, the university is a part of the regional EU-internship consortium. Students can work as a ‘HiWi’ and cope up with the living expenses. In addition to that, the university is closely affiliated to AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run internship organization which offers students internships and projects abroad. Besides that, students can also apply for part-time jobs at restaurants, stores, supermarkets, etc in Erfurt. Online portals for companies like DHL, Lidl, H&M, Porsche, ZARA can be searched for job vacancies.

Jobs near the university:

To be updated.

Housing and Accommodation

Housing hunting in Erfurt is relatively easy and students can apply for students’ residence (Studierendenwerk) or private homes. Students’ residence provides partially furnished shared or double rooms but all-inclusive monthly rents. Private accommodation contains single apartments or rooms for subletting. The average amount of rent in Erfurt ranges from €150-€350/month. Living in the community is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the German culture.

Cost of Living

The University of Erfurt is the least expensive university in Germany. The average cost of living in Erfurt is €853/month including accommodation. Although only selected courses have no tuition fees at Thuringia, students have to pay the compulsory semester fees(Semesterbeitrag) which is currently around €270/semester. Furthermore, the living expenses in Erfurt are relatively affordable and completely depend on each student’s lifestyle.

Places to Visit Near University of Erfurt

Following are the places and sites students can explore to complete their university experience in a foreign country.

  • Erfurt Cathedral: Founded in 742 AD, it is also known as St. Mary’s Cathedral. Other Roman and Gothic modifications were done to the cathedral in 1154AD and 1370AD respectively and recent additions of the towers in the 19th century. It houses one of the largest surviving medieval-era bell in the world also called Maria Gloriosa, famous for the clarity of its tone. Students with historical interests cannot miss the wonder. Nightfall is an exceptional time to visit the cathedral for its amazing lighting effect.
  • Anger: With renowned shopping centers, the state capital has something for everyone and Anger is one such shopping center. From antique shops and handicrafts to galleries and a rich variety of restaurants Anger has it all. The popular Thuringian dumplings and bratwurst are the many German delicacies to try. A lively pub scene attracts many visitors and students are among them to unwind and relax.
  • Erfurt Theater: A recent and modern addition to the city’s profound historical culture, Erfurt Theater is worthy of its place among the ancient buildings as it attracts national attention. Not only that the ‘DomStufen-Festspiele’ (Cathedral Step Festival) which brings artists from all genres together, is a special kind of experience that only Erfurt Theater offers. Students can attend this festival to get a taste of the German festivities.

All things considered, the University of Erfurt is a “family-friendly” place with a curriculum focused on interdisciplinary studies. Its main focus is on knowledge and science which is a big draw for prospective students. And its commitment to international scientific cooperation is beneficial for society as well as academia.

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