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University of Greifswald

About the University

The University of Greifswald also called the Ernst-Moritz-Arnt University of Greifswald is the oldest university in Germany. Founded in 1456, it’s also the oldest Swedish university as the area was under Swedish until 1815. The university calls the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania it’s home. Subsequently, a research university at its heart, the university offers extensive interdisciplinary course studies to prospective students through an intensive collaboration regime with over 200 universities in the Baltic Sea region alone. Furthermore, it takes pride in its core values of innovation, and economic and social development by promoting research and start-up culture respectively.


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University of Greifswald

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University Rankings

According to the latest analysis, the University of Greifswald holds up ranking at 650 of 14,160 in the world, 259 of 2,789 in Europe, 47 of 370 in Germany, and 2 of 6 in Mecklenberg-Vorpommern. While its ranking ranges 96 of 1,016 in Biological Engineering and top 50% in 64 in other topics.


Jobs & Internships – University of Greifswald

Internships and jobs are good opportunities to develop practical expertise and inculcate intercultural and foreign language skills. The university provides internships in partner universities and institutions. Apart from that, DAAD and ERASMUS programs are available to seek internships and work as ‘HiWi’s. Furthermore, jobs are accessible through online portals, companies like H&M, Kaufland, Dirk Rossman, Capita, Metro AG, etc post their vacancies there. Along with that, students can search for part-time jobs near the university in supermarkets, stores, restaurants, delivery services, etc.

Courses Offered by the University of Greifswald

The University of Greifswald offers a vast curriculum with a focus on research. Following are the faculties which provide programs and English, as well as German, can be the language of instruction.

  • Linguistic & Cultural Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Economics & Law
  • Mathematics & Natural Sciences
  • Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Art & Music

Housing & Accommodation

As most of the locations in Greifswald are relatively near the university or at walking distance, accommodations should be searched with rent & furnishing in mind rather than location. The university offers over 6 dormitories over 816 dormitory spaces through Studierendenwerk. Sublease, flatshare apartments are readily available and come with minimum furnishing. On the other hand, private housing includes the free housing market which supports student-friendly living. The average amount of rent in Greifswald, Germany is €245-€350/month for a single apartment or €286-€350/month for double rooms.

Cost of Living

The standard of living in Greifswald is considerably cheaper. Consequently, the average amount of living expenses required is €760/month which includes rents, clothing, travel expenses, health insurance, and leisure activities. Apart from that, the mandatory semester fees (Semesterbeitrag) amount to €166 for the first semester and €90 for the next semester. Evidently, the living costs completely depend on the student’s lifestyle.

Places to Visit Near the University of Greifswald

The University of Greifswald is surrounded by beautiful and eye-catching sites which students can enjoy in their downtime. Following are some of them:

  • Pomeranian State Museum: A public museum that showcases archaeological findings and artifacts of the region. It’s a pride of Pomeranian history and art and is located on the grounds of the former Franciscan Monastery. It’s a great draw for students of art and history.
  • Reims: A remote island in the southwestern part of the Bay of Greifswald. It’s a scenic beauty with picturesque fauna and flora as it homes the Fahrenbrink Peninsula Nature Reserve which has 15% of the European waterfowl population. It’s considered a bird reserve. Furthermore, exploring the island can be a great opportunity for students to wind down and take in nature.
  • St. Nikolai: The brick Gothic structure in the center is called St. Nikolai Church, the patron saint of merchants & seafarers. Early mentions of the church date back to 1263 making it the oldest structure in Greifswald and something of interest for students with historical inclinations.

On the whole, the University Of Greifswald is an esteemed institution that offers prospective students great opportunities especially in the field of research and medical sciences with its exemplary academics and emphasis on good teaching. In addition to that, students can also have a stellar university experience while staying and studying in Greifswald as it’s known for its huge influx of international students.


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