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Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany

Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany

The Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany, program provides comprehensive training for individuals interested in pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance. This program, renowned for its rigorous curriculum and hands-on approach, equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany

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Understanding Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany

 1) What is Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany?

The Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung program in Germany provides comprehensive training and education to individuals aspiring to become skilled aircraft mechanics. This program equips them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to maintain, repair, and inspect aircraft.

 2) Requirements for Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung in Germany

      • Educational Qualifications
      • Physical Fitness
      • Language Proficiency
      • Aptitude Test
      • Medical Certificate
      • Personal Interview
      • Preparatory Courses
      • Legal Requirements


The duration of the Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung program ranges from two to three and a half years, depending on the complexity and depth of the specialization. This timeframe allows students to undergo a comprehensive training experience, encompassing both theoretical instruction and practical hands-on training.

Common Modules studies in Institution

Over three years, you’ll learn all about fixing airplanes. In the first year, you’ll start with the basics, then move on to more advanced stuff in the second and third years. Here is the module covered in aircraft mechanic.

1st Year Apprenticeship

2nd Year Apprenticeship

3rd Year Apprenticeship

  • Introduction to Aircraft Mechanics
  • Aviation Regulations and Safety
  • Aerodynamics and Flight Principles
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Workshop Practices
  • Basic Engine Principles
  • Technical Drawings and Documentation
  • Mathematics and Physics for Mechanics
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Safety Training and First Aid
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Avionics System
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Maintenance Procedures and Practices
  • Aircraft Instrumentation
  • Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Composite Structures and Repair.
  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Aircraft Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Environmental and Sustainability Considerations
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Advanced Aircraft Structures
  • Engine Overhaul and Maintenance
  • Aircraft Propeller Systems
  • Advanced Maintenance Planning and Management
  • Aircraft Fuel Systems
  • Aircraft Performance and Weight & Balance
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Maintenance Regulations and Auditing
  • Advanced Composite Repair
  • Internship or Practical Training

Average Salary

During the course of the apprenticeship in hotel management, students can anticipate a steady increase in earning potential as they progress through each year of training. These salaries provide financial stability while students gain valuable experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, paving the way for a successful career in hotel management.

Duration of Apprentice
Average Salary
1st year €600 and €900
2nd year €800 and €1,100
3rd year €900 and €1,300

Pathways to become Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung program in Germany

    1. Research:  Begin by gathering information about the available Ausbildung programs in Germany for Aircraft Mechanics.
    2. Eligibility Check: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the Ausbildung program.
    3. Application: Prepare your application documents, including a cover letter, CV, and relevant certificates..
    4. Selection Process: Participate in the selection process, which may involve written exams, interviews, and practical assessments.
    5. Acceptance: Upon successful completion of the selection process, you will receive an acceptance letter from the training institution.
    6. Training Modules: Engage in theoretical and practical training modules offered during the Ausbildung program.
    7. On-the-Job Training: Gain practical experience by working in a professional aviation environment.
    8. Regular Assessments: Undergo regular assessments and evaluations to gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement.
    9. Certifications: Obtain relevant certifications and licenses required to work as an Aircraft Mechanic in Germany.
    10. Job Placement: Utilize the network established during your Ausbildung program to explore job opportunities.
    11. Continuous Learning: Keep yourself updated with the latest advancements in aircraft technology and maintenance practices.
    12. Career Advancement: Pursue specialized certifications or further education to enhance your career prospects.

Companies which provide this apprenticeship

There are various companies that provides training in Aircraft Mechanic and other related fields. Some of the popular companies are:

  1. aero.dienst.com
  2. Lufthansa Technik AG
  3. Armed Forces

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are indeed.de, ausbildung.de Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page.

In conclusion, the Aircraft Mechanic Ausbildung program in Germany offers a comprehensive pathway for individuals seeking a career in aircraft maintenance. With its rigorous curriculum and hands-on approach, this program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the aviation industry. Starting with thorough research and meeting eligibility requirements, prospective students can apply for the program by submitting their application documents and undergoing a selection process that includes exams, interviews, and practical assessments. Overall, it offers a structured and comprehensive educational journey for individuals passionate about aircraft maintenance and repair.

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