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Ausbildung in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

Ausbildung in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

For students willing to study in Germany, it is the most popular destination. Thousands of students looking for opportunities to work and study come to Germany every year. Germany has an excellent education system that incorporates vocational training also. Ausbildung in Germany is becoming a topic of discussion nowadays among students. These trends are now actively being supported by the government, making it easier for foreign students to come and pursue Ausbildung Programs.

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What is Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a word from the German Language. This in English means vocational training or apprenticeship. As it is a vocation-based education system it majorly aims to lead you towards a certain profession or job. The ausbildung training focuses on both aspects of a profession i.e., Practical knowledge and Theoretical knowledge. Based on these two important aspects in Germany, ausbildung is major of two types:

    • Schulische Ausbildung

Schulische Ausbildung refers to a vocational training school or training academy. In this type of Ausbildung, a student is provided with more theoretical vocational knowledge. However, Schulische Ausbildung mainly offers training in the health and social sectors. It is now growing popular in the IT and Foreign Language sectors. In these academies, practical training is also provided but they are provided on certain days or as a block.

Training Areas and Sectors in Schulische Ausbildung in Germany

Some of the individual training areas and sectors offered in a Schulische Ausbildung are:


Geriatric nurses, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists

Social Services

Educators, social assistants
Design Communication Designer, Fashion Designer, Media Designer, Graphic Designer, Musician
Technology IT Assistant, Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant
Foreign languages Interpreter, foreign language correspondent
    • Duale Ausbildung

Dual Ausbildung or in-company training is one of the most common forms of apprenticeship in Germany. A dual training program includes vocational training and internship in the industry. There are currently more than 450 training occupations that are state recognized. In these programs, vocational training usually takes place 1 to 2 days a week in addition to companies’ work. Sometimes it also takes place in block i.e., some weeks of vocational training then some weeks in the company.

Training Areas and Sectors in Duale Ausbildung in Germany

The section of Duale Ausbildung can be segregated into 5 major training areas. Some of them are:

Industry and trade Banker, office management clerk, IT specialist, industrial mechanic, cook, salesman, insurance clerk
Craft Optician, baker, brewer and maltster, photographer, hairdresser, painter, and varnisher
Agriculture Forester, gardener, housekeeper, farmer
Public service Specialist for swimming pool companies, Notary assistant, Judicial Assistant, Tax clerk, Road guard, Surveyor, Administrative assistant

Liberal professions

Medical assistant, pharmaceutical-commercial employee, veterinary assistant, dental assistant

Duration of Ausbildung in Germany

Like other educational system, the duration of Ausbildung also varies by course. Some of the programs get completed in 2 years but some take 2.5 years or 3 years.

A prior degree and very good grades in the first year of your ausbildung are an advantage for you in terms of duration. You can also talk to your employer, Berufschule, and local IHK for the same purpose. A degree and good grades can reduce your training period by 6 months or a year. 

Some 2-year Ausbildung programs are:

    • Building and object coater
    • Logistics
    • Specialist for courier express and postal services
    • Hospitality
    • Specialist in metal technology
    • Building construction worker
    • Seller
    • Machinery and plant operator

How to Apply for Ausbildung in Germany in 2023?

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are ausbildung.de,  Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page. Applying for Ausbildung is very similar to applying for a job. The format for writing a job application can differ from country to country. The information you need to provide for the ausbildung application in Germany are:

    • Personal Information:  Name, address, and contact information
    • Add education details in chronological order.
    • Add prior internships or work experience.
    • Provide proof of language proficiency. This is most important for foreign students as the Ausbildung program is only done in the German language you need to be proficient with the language. The B1 level of language proficiency is generally required for enrolling in an ausbildung program.
    • Complete the other formalities like a Cover letter, add a resume, add a formal image, etc.

Earning during Ausbildung in Germany

The salary during Ausbildung depends on the profession. The differences can be pretty significant based on the location you live. The salary during an Ausbildung in Germany generally varies between 650 euros to 1300 euros. The salary gradually increases with the year of training. However, your salary depends on the existing Tarifvertrag (Collective agreement) of your industry. Some of the top-paying industries are:

Requirements to apply for Ausbildung in Germany

Some of the basic requirements to enroll for an Ausbildung in Germany are:

Opportunities After Ausbildung

There can be various opportunities after the completion of the ausbildung program. However, you can start working as a full-time employee in that field. You can also easily get a job after this program as you have 2 years of training in the field.

If you have thoughts of earning right after you are 18 years of age, then the ausbildung program is definitely for you. With this program, you can avail the benefits of studying in Germany as well as proper vocational training. Ausbildung in Germany can be a proven turning point in your career.

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