Art Academy of Munich

Art Academy of Munich

The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (Akademie der Bildenden Künste München), also known as the Munich Art Academy, is among Germany’s oldest and most prominent art academies. Situated in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district in Bavaria, Germany, it rose to prominence in the latter half of the 19th century as a leading institution in Europe for artist training, drawing students from various parts of Europe and the United States.

Art academy of Munich

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Courses Offered

    • Fine Arts (Diploma)
    • Art Education (State Examination)
    • Interior Architecture (Bachelor and Master)
    • Architecture and Art (Master)
    • Fine Arts and Therapy (Master)

Diploma of Fine Arts include the classes for Generative Media and Installation, Jewelry and Hollowware, New Media, Painting and Graphics, Performance, Photography, Scenography and Stage Costume Design, Sculpture.


The Art Academy of Munich provides opportunities for international exchange through ERASMUS+ and bilateral university cooperation programs. The International Office establishes and maintains partnerships with international universities and serves as the primary contact for all inquiries regarding university exchanges. It also provides international internships and study stays, as well as teaching staff and university administration employees interested in going abroad (both incoming and outgoing).

For regular students, a general information session on exchange studies/internships is held on the last Friday or Thursday of each month at 09:00 via Zoom.

The Zoom access details can be found in myCampus under number WS230600180 – Studiengangsübergreifendes Angebot/Lehraufträge.

How to apply to the University

    1. Go on University’s Portal
    2. Choose a program
    3. Press “Apply now” Button
    4. Send an application form
    5. Complete admissions tasks
    6. Go to study

Documents Required

The alumni network at the Academy of Fine Arts

The alumni network at the Academy of Fine Arts fosters the exchange of ideas, collaborations, and opportunities. Through a variety of events, workshops, and lectures, current students, alumni, and anyone interested in the Academy can engage in dialogue.

Places to visit nearby:

    • English Garden: The English Garten is a large public park in the center of Munich, two major fests are held in July, Kocherlball and Japanfest.
    • Deutsches Museum: It is one of the Largest Museum of Science and Technology in the world. It has around 28000 objects exhibited in the museum. It features exhibits on various fields, including natural sciences, energy, communication, and transportation.
    • Hofgarten: It is a garden located in the center of Munich City. This garden is built in the Italian-Renaissance articheture. The garden is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
    • Manfred Platz Radlguide: Manfred Platz, near the Arts Academy in Munich, Germany, is a charming square known for its artistic ambiance and cultural significance. It’s surrounded by historic buildings and is often frequented by students and artists. The square might host cultural events, performances, or markets, adding to its lively atmosphere. It’s a great place to explore if you’re interested in art, culture, and the vibrant life of Munich.


The Art Academy of Munich stands as a testament to artistic excellence, offering a rich history and a vibrant environment for aspiring artists. Its diverse range of courses and international exchange programs provide students with unparalleled opportunities for growth and exploration. The alumni network further enhances this experience, fostering connections and collaborations that extend beyond graduation. As students immerse themselves in the artistic and cultural atmosphere of Munich, they also have the chance to explore the city’s many attractions, from the serene English Garden to the fascinating Deutsches Museum. The Art Academy of Munich is not just a place of learning; it is a gateway to a world of artistic discovery and inspiration.

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