Changes in Germany in April 2023

Changes in Germany in April 2023

April 2023 brings some significant changes to Germany, from higher tax-free allowances to price hikes on Microsoft’s cloud products. Additionally, the ban on homosexual men from donating blood will be scrapped, and the Deutschlandticket will go on sale. In this article, we will cover all the changes coming to Germany in April 2023.

  1. End of Covid Rules in Germany: On April 7th, the Infection Protection Act will expire, ending one of the last few Covid rules. Since February, people have generally only needed an FFP2 mask when visiting the doctor, and masks on public transport have been lifted in most parts of Germany.
  2. Sick Notes by Telephone No Longer Allowed: On March 31st, the special regulations allowing people to get a sick note from their doctor over the phone will expire. However, patients can still get a sick note after a video appointment, provided their illness doesn’t require a physical inspection.
  3. Deutschlandticket Pre-Sale Begins: From April 3rd, the pre-sale of the €49 Deutschlandticket will kick off, allowing early birds to set up their subscription via Deutsche Bahn ahead of the launch of the ticket in May. Some states are working on further concessions for students or pensioners, while some people may be able to get the ticket cheaper via their work.
  4. Higher Tax Allowances for Employees and Single Parents: Starting next month, the Arbeitnehmerpauschale (employee lump sum) will be hiked up to €1,230 per year, and the tax-free allowance for single parents will also be increased to at least €4,260 (plus €240 for additional children). These tax-free amounts already went up at the start of this year, but April marks the first month they will be factored into payslips.
  5. Microsoft Raises Prices on Cloud Products: Starting in April, Microsoft has announced price rises across its cloud products, including Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Defender, and Teams. The price hikes will depend on the product, but some customers could see their subscriptions go up by as much as 20 percent.
  6. Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood Scrapped: In April, the rule that banned homosexual men from donating blood will be scrapped. Anyone will be allowed to give blood regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, or whether they are cis or trans. However, people who regularly change their sexual partners or have multiple sexual partners will not be permitted to give blood.

These are the significant changes coming to Germany in April 2023. The ban on homosexual men from donating blood will be scrapped, and the Deutschlandticket will finally go on sale. Additionally, employees and single parents will benefit from higher tax allowances, but Microsoft users will see a price hike on their cloud products.

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