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Studienkolleg: Preparatory Course for German Universities

Studienkolleg: Preparatory Course for German Universities

The Studienkolleg is an institution that provides preparatory courses for university studies for all international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in Germany. As a prospective non-EU student looking to study in Germany, it is essential to understand the Studienkolleg system. 

What is Studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg is an institution providing preparatory courses to international students to help them meet the requirements for admission into German universities. It is a one-year course that equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and language proficiency to study at a German university. It is mainly an effort to bridge the gap between the eligibility of the different standards of secondary education in different countries to that of Germany. That way students can gather the knowledge they might have missed to study at a German University.

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Studienkolleg Curriculum 

The curriculum of Studienkolleg is tailored to meet the demands of the chosen degree program. The course is divided into two semesters, and each semester covers topics related to specific subjects. The first semester is focused on German language courses, while the second semester is dedicated to subject-specific courses, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, or the social sciences. 

The goal of Studienkolleg, or a preparatory course, is to provide international students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the German education system and to be adequately prepared to succeed in their degree program.

Significance of Studienkolleg

Although studying in Germany is a unique opportunity for foreigners, it is also a challenging endeavor. The German education system is known for its rigorous academic standards, and the language barrier is an obstacle for non-native German speakers. Therefore, Studienkolleg is a crucial step in ensuring that international students are adequately prepared to succeed in their degree programs.

In addition to providing students with the necessary academic and language skills, Studienkolleg also helps students adapt to the German culture and academic environment. The course provides students with an opportunity to meet other international students and familiarize themselves with the country which helps ease the transition to university life.

Types of Studienkolleg

There are two types of Studienkolleg: the university-based Studienkolleg and the independent Studienkolleg.

University-Based Studienkolleg

The university-based Studienkolleg is affiliated with a specific university and is typically located on that university’s campus. The curriculum of this type of Studienkolleg is tailored to meet the requirements of the specific degree program offered by the university. Students can therefore receive a more specialized education.

The admission process for University-based Studienkolleg varies depending on the university. Some universities require students to apply directly to the Studienkolleg website, while others require students to apply for the degree program and then be referred to the Studienkolleg if they do not meet the admission requirements.

Independent Studienkolleg

The Independent Studienkolleg is not affiliated with a specific university and is usually located in a different city. The curriculum here is more general and covers a broader range of subjects than the University-based one. 

The admission process for Independent Studienkolleg is comparatively more straightforward. Students can apply directly to the independent Studienkolleg, and admission is typically based on language proficiency and academic qualifications.

University-based Studienkolleg can be more expensive than independent Studienkolleg. Before choosing between the two, students should consider the admission requirements, curriculum, schedule, cost, location, and personal preferences of each program.

General Requirements

The admission process for Studienkolleg is different for each institution. However, there are some general requirements that students must meet to be eligible for admission to Studienkolleg.

Language Proficiency

The required level of German proficiency varies depending on the program and the institution. In general, students should have at least a B1 level of German proficiency to be eligible. Some universities may require a higher level of proficiency, such as B2 or C1.

Academic Qualifications

Students must also meet the academic requirements for admission. This includes having completed their secondary education and holding a school leaving certificate that is recognized in Germany. Additionally, students must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to be eligible.

Important Timelines

Students are admitted twice a year, in the summer and winter semesters. The summer semester generally starts in March and the winter semester in October. The application deadline is 15 January and 15 July respectively. Students need to check the specific dates of their courses as these are general guidelines. 


Attending a government-run Studienkolleg does not cost any tuition fee. There is a typical administration fee which can range anywhere between €100 to €400. Other than this, your living expenses should be covered by the mandatory €11,172 [for a year’s worth of expenses] to be deposited in your blocked account. It is necessary to note that the students are not allowed any grants and cannot work part-time during their semesters. They can find employment during breaks but that will not be enough to live in Germany. 

How to Apply?

The application process typically involves the following steps:

  • Check the admission requirements

Before applying for Studienkolleg, it’s important to check the admission requirements of the program. Generally, students who have completed their secondary education from a non-German educational system are eligible.

  • Choose a Studienkolleg

There are different Studienkollegs in Germany that offer different courses. Students should choose one carefully.

  • Fill out the application form

The application form is usually available on the website of the Studienkolleg you’re interested in. Fill out the form carefully and make sure to provide all the required information.

  • Submit the application

Submit the completed application form along with all the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, language proficiency certificates, and proof of financial support, to the Studienkolleg by the application deadline.

  • Wait for the admission decision

The admission decision usually takes several weeks to months depending on the Studienkolleg. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a letter of admission. If you’re not accepted, you’ll receive a letter explaining the reasons for the rejection.

  • Apply for a student visa

Once you receive the letter of admission, you’ll need to apply for a student visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Make sure to apply for the visa well in advance of your intended date of travel. 

  • Attend Classes

After obtaining the student visa, you can travel to Germany for the Studienkolleg. Make sure to attend all the classes and complete the course successfully to be eligible for admission to a German university.

The application process can vary depending on the institution and the type of preparatory course. Some universities may also require students to pass an entrance exam to be admitted to Studienkolleg. Entrance exams are not difficult but can be for students who are not up-to-date on the basics of the german language. Besides this, mathematics is also a focus point.

FSP or Feststellungsprüfung

The one-year Studienkolleg concludes with FSP, the final exam. This exam includes all that students learn throughout the duration of the course. 

Tips for Indian Students

Attending a preparatory course can be a great opportunity for Indian students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a degree program in Germany. However, it can also be challenging to adapt to a new academic and cultural environment. So here are some tips for Indian students.

Focus on German Language Proficiency

Since the language of instruction in Studienkolleg and German universities is German, it is essential to have a good command of the language. Indian students can improve their German language skills by enrolling in language courses before attending Studienkolleg. This will help them prepare for the language requirements and improve their chances of success.

Understand the Academic Requirements

It is important to understand the academic requirements for admission to Studienkolleg and the degree program. Indian students should research the admission criteria for their chosen degree program and ensure that they meet the minimum requirements. This includes having a recognized school leaving certificate and meeting the minimum GPA requirement.

Be Prepared for the Cultural Differences

Germany has a different culture than India, and it can take some time to adjust. Indian students should research the German culture and academic environment before moving. This will help them prepare for cultural differences and adjust to the new environment more easily.

Seek Help and Support

Attending Studienkolleg can be challenging. Indian students can seek support from their fellow international students, their professors, or the international office at the institution. They can also seek support from organizations such as the Indian Embassy in Germany or Indian student associations like Darmstadt Indian Association. There are many other Indian student associations all over Germany, be sure to check them out.

Studienkolleg is necessary for international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in Germany. It provides students with the necessary language proficiency, academic qualifications, and cultural awareness to succeed in their degree programs in the future. Indian students should research the type of course and the admission requirements for their chosen institution. With the right preparation and support, Indian students can successfully attend Studienkolleg and pursue their academic goals in Germany.

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