Covid-19 Restrictions to be Lifted in Germany

Covid-19 Restrictions to be Lifted in Germany

Covid-19 restrictions are to be phased out early in Germany from March 1. Two regulations are to change starting tomorrow. Mandatory mask-wearing and testing for healthcare & nursing home employees will no longer be in effect.

The decision to lift the mandatory Covid-19 restrictions was made with careful consideration. It was made only after it was determined that the current Covid-19 situation is fully under control.

Although it was decided to repeal the two aforementioned regulations, some restrictions are still in place. It was made clear that visitors to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and nursing homes must continue to wear masks.

The two restrictions were initially scheduled to be lifted on the 7th of April. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach commented on the situation and said that there was no need for strict measures.

Minister Lauterbach also said that the pandemic has lost its fear factor and can now be controlled in daily life.

German coronavirus prevention measures have already started relaxing this year. Mandatory masks on buses and long-distance trains were officially abolished earlier this month.

Declining Covid-19 Cases

Minister Lauterbach explained that the number of coronavirus infection cases reported in January 2023 had decreased by 50% compared to December 2022. Looking at this trend, the minister further shared that it is no longer necessary to measure the number of cases because the number of people being admitted to hospitals is lowering considerably.

Germany decided to relax the restrictions after it became clear that no further COVID wave was expected this winter.

In addition, the German government announced earlier this month that those who tested positive would no longer have to go into self-isolation.

Case Statistics

According to the World Health Organization, 81,005 new cases of COVID were reported in Germany between 10 Feb to 16 Feb. During the same period, 61 additional deaths were reported in Germany.

The European Institute for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reported that 194,174,719 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been issued in Germany as of 10 Feb 2023. ECDC also reports that the first booster vaccination was administered to 73.0% of adult Germans, while the second booster vaccination was administered to 18.0% of adults.

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