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Designer for Visual Marketing Ausbildung in Germany: A Full Guide

Designer for Visual Marketing Ausbildung in Germany: A Full Guide

If you like creating new ideas and have good engaging qualities then this blog brought you the best ausbildung program “Designer for Visual Marketing Ausbildung in Germany. this program focuses on developing skills related to visual communication, graphic design, and marketing.

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Understanding Designer for Visual Marketing Ausbildung in Germany

    1) Who is a Visual Marketing Designer?

Designers specializing in visual marketing are experts in sales promotion, encompassing a wide range of activities including the showcasing of merchandise, products, and services, strategic advertising, event planning, public relations, and promotional campaigns. Their primary role involves enhancing the visual appeal of retail displays, store windows, and immersive environments to captivate potential customers. Moreover, they meticulously strategize and execute events and sales initiatives that are designed to pique the interest of target audiences.

    2) What is the Requirement for this program?

  • High school diploma is a prerequisite for securing an apprenticeship.
  • Strong academic performance in subjects like technology/crafts, art, German, math, and English increases your chances.
  • Good grades in these subjects demonstrate your aptitude for the skills required in the field.
  • Technology/crafts and art showcase your creative abilities and practical knowledge.
  • Proficiency in German, math, and English is important for effective communication and problem-solving.
  • Demonstrating competence in these subjects enhances your overall suitability for the apprenticeship.

Average Salary

  • 1 year: €620-1000
  • 2 years: €732-1065
  • 3rd year: €837-1210


This ausbildung program period span 3 years in Germany

What Type of Training Do they learn in the Designer for Visual Marketing in Germany?

As a trainee in visual marketing design, you will actively develop the skills to create compelling design concepts for sales and presentation spaces. The program comprises theoretical instruction at the vocational school, where you will gain a strong foundation in business, administration, and marketing. Additionally, you will actively engage in practical training within your training company, experiencing real-world scenarios in workshops and sales rooms. This immersive approach enables you to apply and reinforce learned concepts, fostering a deep understanding of the industry’s demands. By integrating theory with practice, you will acquire the expertise to excel in designing visually captivating materials that captivate customers and drive sales.

What kind of Job of the Designer for Visual Marketing?

  1. Design the sales area to create an inviting atmosphere and attractive displays.
  2. Showcase the latest fashion collection and cater to tech enthusiasts’ interests.
  3. Utilize eye-catching advertising strategies in shop windows to capture attention and promote sought-after brands and deals.
  4. Develop design concepts using advanced graphics programs, carefully selecting colors and materials for execution.
  5. Apply artistic skills in the workshop to craft decorative elements and bring your designs to life. Additionally, organize and execute successful sales events, utilizing basic commercial skills for planning and evaluation.

Companies who provide this program

  • P&C Dussedorf
  • MOMAX  Germany Gmbh
  • Papenbreer Erfurt Gmbh

There are more companies who provide this apprenticeship program.


The Designer for Visual Marketing Ausbildung in Germany is an excellent program for individuals interested in combining their creativity, visual communication skills, and marketing knowledge. Through a three-year apprenticeship, trainees learn to create captivating designs, enhance sales areas, and organize successful sales events. The program provides a comprehensive blend of theoretical instruction and practical training, equipping trainees with the necessary expertise to excel in the field of visual marketing.

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