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Event Manager Ausbildung in Germany: All you need to know

Event Manager Ausbildung in Germany: All you need to know

In Germany, an “Event Manager Ausbildung” refers to a vocational training program or apprenticeship that prepares individuals for an event management career. During the Ausbildung, participants learn about event planning and logistics, budgeting and financial management, marketing and promotion, risk assessment and management, vendor and supplier coordination, technical aspects of event production, and customer service.

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Understanding What is Event Manager Ausbildung in Germany

    1)  Who is an Event Manager?

Event managers actively design events, meticulously organize their execution, and proficiently prepare them commercially before and after. By crafting customized concepts for trade fairs, congresses, concerts, or exhibitions, they adeptly cater to the target audience. Furthermore, they expertly evaluate event risks, precisely calculate expenses, and skillfully generate comprehensive service proposals.

    2) What does an Event Manager do?

Event Managers transform event ideas into triumphant occasions. They offer valuable counsel to clients, craft innovative concepts, meticulously estimate expenses, gauge anticipated attendance, proficiently coordinate technological aspects, and meticulously devise comprehensive timetables. Moreover, they remain readily accessible to clients, offering unwavering support throughout the entire event process, from pre-planning to execution and even post-event.

   3) Requirements to admit in Ausbildung program

  • The majority of trainees, as stated by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), commence their event management training with a high school diploma, establishing a solid foundation for their career path.
  • Roughly a quarter of trainees possess an intermediate degree, demonstrating a diverse range of educational backgrounds among aspiring event managers.
  • While individuals with a secondary school diploma or no formal qualifications may encounter challenges in securing an apprenticeship, the possibility of pursuing a career in event management is not entirely out of reach.
  • Theoretical qualifications or certifications are not absolute prerequisites for aspiring event managers, highlighting the potential for individuals from diverse educational backgrounds to enter the field.
  • In addition to academic achievements, possessing strong organizational skills is crucial for prospective event managers. This entails effectively discerning between tasks of varying importance and efficiently managing one’s time.
  • Demonstrating initiative and assertiveness by actively advocating for one’s ideas and suggestions further enhances the prospects of aspiring event managers.
  • A proactive attitude towards continuous learning and acquiring new knowledge is indispensable in the ever-evolving field of event management.

What does an individual learn in training?

  • During the initial two years of training, the emphasis is placed on establishing a solid foundation. Trainees delve into essential aspects such as general business operations, effective marketing strategies, and the intricacies of event planning and execution.
  • In the midst of the second year, a significant milestone awaits in the form of an intermediate examination, serving as a comprehensive evaluation of the trainee’s progress and knowledge acquisition.
  • As the third year unfolds, trainees embark on a journey of further specialization, honing their expertise in specific areas of the event management field. This phase involves a particular focus on event follow-up, examining both successes and areas for improvement.
  • The culmination of the training journey arrives with the final examination, slated for the end of the third year. Successfully completing this examination grants trainees the official designation of an event manager, affirming their comprehensive understanding and capabilities in the field.

What an individual learn in the training companies?

The training company primarily focuses on hands-on experience, actively involving trainees in the planning and execution of events. This immersive environment swiftly exposes individuals to the meticulous planning required for successful events. Within the company, trainees engage in a variety of tasks, such as sourcing funding, meticulously planning and executing events, and handling event technology.

Average Salary

  • 1 year: €700-750
  • 2 years: €750-800
  • 3rd year: €800-850


Period of event manger ausbildung in Germany is span for 3 years.

Companies which provide this training

  • Radio berlin-brandenberg
  • sinus event technic gmbh
  • BHKW information centre gbr

More Companies are their to provide this Apprenticeship in Germany.

Event Manager Ausbildung in Germany is a vocational training program that equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in event management. Trainees learn about various aspects of event planning, logistics, marketing, and customer service

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