Everything That Changes in Germany in June 2024

Everything That Changes in Germany in June 2024

June is a significant month for changes in Germany, particularly affecting foreign residents. From the introduction of a new visa to changes in citizenship laws, here’s a roundup of the essential updates on Everything That Changes in Germany in June 2024.

1. Germany’s ‘Opportunity Card’ Visa Launches

Starting June 1st, non-EU citizens seeking work in Germany will find it easier to apply for a jobseeker visa known as the Chancenkarte or ‘opportunity card.‘ Applicants need at least two years of vocational training or a university degree from their home country and must have proficiency in German or English. Points are awarded based on language skills, professional experience, age, and connection to Germany, determining eligibility for the visa.

2. Bahncards 25 and 50 Go Digital

As of June 6th, Deutsche Bahn will transition Bahncard 25 and 50 from plastic to digital formats. Customers will need a profile on the Bahn app or bahn.de to access their travel cards. Those without smartphones can print a replacement document. The BahnCard 100 remains available in plastic form.

3. EU Citizens Vote in the European Elections

The European elections in Germany are scheduled for June 9th, with some countries, like the Netherlands, starting on June 6th. This year marks the first time that young people aged 16 and over can vote in Germany, increasing the number of eligible voters to around 65 million.

4. UEFA European Football Championship Comes to Germany

Football enthusiasts can look forward to the UEFA European Football Championship hosted by Germany, beginning on June 14th in Munich with Germany playing against Scotland. The tournament will feature 24 teams competing across 51 games in various cities, including Berlin, Cologne, andhculminating on July 14th in Berlin.

5. New German Citizenship Law Comes Into Force

A significant reform in German citizenship law will be implemented on June 27th. Foreign residents will be able to obtain citizenship after five years of residence instead of eight, or even three years in cases of ‘special integration’ and C1 level German proficiency. The law will also allow dual or multiple nationalities and ease the naturalisation process for former ‘guest workers’ and ‘contract workers’ by only requiring proof of oral German knowledge.

6. Changes to Cable TV Connections for Tenants

By June 30th, tenants in Germany must decide on their future cable TV arrangements as landlords will no longer be allowed to include cable TV fees in the Nebenkosten (additional costs). From July 1st, tenants will need to contact providers directly, potentially incurring higher costs.

7. Some German States Begin Their Summer Holiday

While most of Germany’s states start their summer break in July, students in Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia will begin their holidays in the second half of June.

8. Disney+ to Restrict Account Sharing

Starting in June, Disney+ will implement measures against account sharing. Each household will need its own Disney+ account to continue streaming content.

9. New Europe-Wide Payment System Launches

From the end of June, the EPI banking initiative’s ‘wero’ payment system will allow smartphone-to-smartphone payments across Europe, providing competition to PayPal and Apple Pay. Initially, savings banks, cooperative banks, and Deutsche Bank in Germany will participate in this initiative.

These changes in Germany in June 2024 reflect significant shifts in Germany’s policies affecting foreign residents, digital services, and consumer practices. Staying informed about these updates will help residents and visitors navigate the new landscape effectively.

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