Germany Job Opportunity Card to Be Introduced from June 2024

Germany Job Opportunity Card to Be Introduced from June 2024

The German government is set to introduce a new “opportunity card” in June 2024, designed to help jobseekers find employment in Germany. This card will allow qualified individuals to stay in the country and look for jobs without needing a permanent employment contract. Here is everything you need to know about Germany introducing the Job Opportunity Card in June 2024.

Requirements for the Opportunity Card

To be eligible for the opportunity card, applicants must meet specific qualifications and language proficiency requirements. Here are the main criteria:

 1. Qualifications:

    • Applicants must obtain a foreign university degree or a vocational qualification recognized by the country.
    • Alternatively, a vocational certification from a German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK) is acceptable.

 2. Language Proficiency:

    • Applicants must demonstrate a foundational understanding of either German (level A1 CEFR) or English (level B2 CEFR).

Application Options

Option 1: Applicants with qualifications fully recognized in Germany or those who obtained their degree or qualification in Germany can apply directly for a residence permit for jobseekers under Section 20 of the Residence Act. This permit allows for an extended job search period of 18 months and the ability to work part-time without restrictions.

Option 2: Applicants who score at least six points in the points system and meet the following requirements:

    • Successful completion of vocational or academic training recognized by the respective country.
    • Vocational training must have been at least two years long.
    • Points are awarded based on age, professional experience, language proficiency, recognition of qualifications in Germany, and other factors.

Validity and Employment

The opportunity card is valid for up to one year, during which the holder must be able to sustain themselves. Holders can work up to 20 hours a week in secondary employment or participate in work trials. If the holder secures suitable employment but cannot obtain another resident title, they may renew the card for an additional two years.

The introduction of the opportunity card makes it easier for skilled workers to find employment in Germany. By meeting the qualifications and language requirements, and scoring enough points in the points system, jobseekers can take advantage of this new pathway to work in Germany.

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