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Hospitality and Tourism Ausbildung in Germany

Hospitality and Tourism Ausbildung in Germany

Hospitality and Tourism is a “Duale Stadium” program. A variety of opportunities exist in the hospitality and tourism sector to advance both personally and professionally. In Germany, the vocational training program in hospitality and tourism equips you with the abilities, information, and real-world experience needed to succeed in a variety of positions within these industries. In this post find out more about the Hospitality and Tourism Ausbildung in Germany and how they can put you on the road to a fulfilling profession.

Understanding Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism are vibrant and interconnected industries that play pivotal roles in economies worldwide. At their core, they revolve around the provision of services and experiences to travelers, whether for leisure, business, or other purposes. The sector encompasses a broad range of businesses and activities, including hotels, restaurants, transportation services, attractions, events, and more.

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  • Hospitality

Hospitality encompasses a wide spectrum of sectors, each with its unique demands and specialties. Whether one’s interests lie in the meticulous coordination of events, the savory artistry of culinary creations, the seamless operation of hotels and restaurants, or the exploration of new destinations through tourism, there is a specialized program tailored to cultivate the necessary skills and knowledge.

Here are six distinct programs designed to equip students with the expertise required to thrive in their chosen field within the hospitality industry.

  1. Hotel Management Program: This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations, including front desk management, housekeeping, food and beverage service, event management, and guest relations.

  2. Restaurant Management Program: Focusing on the culinary aspect of the industry, this program trains students in restaurant operations, menu planning, food preparation, beverage management, and customer service.

  3. Tourism Management Program: Geared towards those interested in the broader aspects of the tourism industry, this program covers areas such as destination management, tour planning, travel agency operations, event management, and sustainable tourism practices.

  4. Event Management Program: With a specific focus on organizing and managing events, this program teaches students skills in event planning, logistics, marketing, budgeting, and coordination of various types of events, such as conferences, exhibitions, and festivals.

  5. Travel Agency Program: This program provides students with knowledge about travel agency operations, including travel booking systems, customer service, itinerary planning, ticketing, and sales techniques.

  6. Culinary Arts Program: Suitable for aspiring chefs and culinary professionals, this program offers practical training in culinary techniques, food presentation, menu development, kitchen management, and gastronomy.

  • Tourism

Tourism offers a variety of exciting career paths, each with its own unique set of responsibilities and opportunities. In this overview, we’ll explore three key roles in the tourism industry: management assistant for tourism and leisure, air traffic management assistant, and international tourism management. These roles involve tasks ranging from promoting travel services to ensuring smooth air travel operations and overseeing international tourism endeavors. Learn more about these dynamic career options.

1. Management assistant for tourism and leisure: Training for this profession includes learning how to create and promote travel-related goods and services. They also offer customers advice.

   2. Air traffic management assistant: Assistants in air traffic management have several responsibilities. These may include handling passengers and aircraft, buying fuel and replacement parts, studying market information, or making reservations for seats.

   3. International tourism management: You can gain business knowledge and learn about the hotel, restaurant, tourism, sport, event, and cultural management industries with this university course. There are numerous English-language seminars and lectures.

Eligibility Requirements

You must fulfil the following criteria to be qualified for a hospitality and tourism Ausbildung program:

  • A diploma from secondary school, such as an Abitur or Realschulabschluss, or a comparable degree.
  • A working knowledge of German at least at the B1 level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • A keen interest in customer service, hospitality, and tourism.

Duration and Training Modules

Popular training programs in hospitality and tourism in Germany include the following, combining theoretical instruction with hands-on training, typically lasting 2 to 3 years. 

1st Year Apprenticeship

2nd Year Apprenticeship

3rd Year Apprenticeship

  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Computer Training
  • Introduction to Scientific Work
  • Basics of Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Basics of the Tourism Industry
  • Bookkeeping and Annual Financial Statements
  • Business English
  • Statistics
  • Project Management
  • Cost and Performance Accounting
  • Actors and Business Models
  • Special Business Law
  • Applied Research in Tourism
  • Digital Business Models
  • Sustainability and Quality Management
  • Current Topics and Developments in Tourism
  • Destination Management
  • Investment and Financing
  • Personnel and Organization

Continuous Development and Learning In Hospitality and Tourism

Keep abreast of the most recent trends and technologies in the rapidly changing hotel and tourism sector. After finishing your Ausbildung, you can broaden your knowledge and abilities by enrolling in a variety of professional development programs, earning certifications, and attending trade shows. Subjects could include:

  • Revenue Management Using Digital Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Sectors
  • Practices for Sustainable Tourism
  • Management of Customer Relationships
  • Trends in Food and Drinks
  • To boost your job options and earning potential, you could also decide to continue your education by getting
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in hotel and tourism management.

Top Universities for Hospitality and Tourism in Germany

There are various institution that provides training in Hospitality, Tourism and other related fields. Some of the popular institutions are:

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation
  • Technical University Berlin

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are indeed.de, ausbildung.de Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page.

Application Process for Hospitality and Tourism

You should do the following to apply for a hospitality and tourism Ausbildung:

  1. Look for businesses and trade schools that offer the desired Ausbildung program.
  2. Prepare your application materials, which should include your curriculum vitae, motivational letter, school transcript, and language proficiency certificate.
  3. Directly submit your application to the business or trade school.
  4. Attend interviews and perform any examinations that may be necessary, such as practical demonstrations or aptitude tests.
  5. Accept the apprenticeship offer and get started on your apprenticeship in hospitality and tourism.

For aspiring professionals, the German educational system provides several advantageous possibilities for studying hospitality and tourism administration in recognized universities. Due to the high calibre of German colleges, many applicants choose to study tourism management and hospitality in Germany.

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