Hotel Management Industry Ausbildung in Germany

Hotel Management Industry Ausbildung in Germany

Do you want to aim even higher? One of the most popular places to study abroad is Germany. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students travel to Germany to pursue higher education. Intention to study has risen recently in Germany’s Ausbildung. German legislation has undergone several modifications that have made it simpler to pursue an Ausbildung in Germany. This page will provide you with all the relevant information about Hotel Management Industry Ausbildung in Germany.

Understanding Hotel Management Industry Ausbildung in Germany

Maintenance and supervision of all areas of a hotel or lodging facility constitute hotel management. Students in this field can develop the following traits :

  • leadership Qualities
  • Management and communication skills
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Time management

Germany is a leader in management studies and a well-known tourist destination for people from all over the world. Due to the chances they present for employment with German tourism or hospitality organisations, hotel management courses in Germany are in high demand.

German institutions continue to be among the top choices for students looking to study abroad due to their high academic standards, robust economies, and substantial technological advancements. Additionally, overseas students receive fair treatment and gain access to just government initiatives.

Concise Course

Depending on the university and curriculum, several courses are undertaken as part of hotel management studies in Germany. Students can anticipate investigating related topics including :

  • Development of Destinations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Aptitude Growth
  • Finance Economics Hospitality

The German hotel management programmes aid students in acquiring a variety of sector-specific skills. For a comprehensive education in hotel management, extra abilities like customer service, cultural awareness, communication skills, teamwork, foreign languages, multitasking, and precision are examples.

Apprenticeship Training in the Hotel Management Industry

Explore a rewarding career path in hotel management with our 3-year apprenticeship program. Throughout the journey, you’ll master essential skills and knowledge vital to excelling in hospitality. Get ready to become an expert in the dynamic and exciting world of hotel management.

  • 3 Year Training makes you an expert in :

1. Hotel Specialist

   Training content:

  • Create invoices and carry out payment transactions
  • Calculate costs and income and evaluate key figures
  • Calculate sales prices
  • Edit personnel processes
  • Advising guests and conducting sales talks
  • Serve food and drinks

   Career prospects:

  • Activities primarily in commercial departments such as bookkeeping, accounting and human resources
  • Opportunities for advancement: head of the department, hotel manager or self-employed hotelier

   Candidate profile:

  • Middle school or high school
  • Understanding of commercial processes
  • Organizational and negotiation skills
  • Team and communication skills and knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an advantage
  • Good manners, pleasant appearance
  • 3-year training

2. Hotel Clerk 

   Training content :

  • Making bills and processing payments
  • Estimate expenses and revenue, and analyse crucial data.
  • Determine sales prices.
  • Processes for editing employees
  • Advising visitors and holding commercial conversations
  • Serve a meal and beverages.

  Career prospect :

  • mostly business activities including bookkeeping, accounting, and human resources.
  • Possibilities for growth include becoming the department head, hotel manager, or independent hotelier.
  Candidate profile :
  • High school or middle school
  • Knowledge of business procedures
  • Talents in planning and negotiating
  • Knowledge of various languages, as well as teamwork and communication abilities, is advantageous
  • Courtesy and a pleasing appearance
  • A 3-year programme

3. Cook 

   Training content :
  • Food is created and prepared.
  • Utilize cutting-edge equipment and technologies in the kitchen.
  • Think about the economic, ecological, and nutritional issues.
  • Keep in mind the cleanliness requirements for the products.
  • Provide guests with career advice

   Career prospect :

  • Everything is conceivable, from the commis de cuisine to the kitchen director or business director (F&B manager).
  • Ideal conditions for the independent management of a hospitality business can be found in the kitchen of a restaurant, hotel, spa, cafeteria, or even a cruise ship.

   Candidate profile :

  • Diploma from high school
  • Inventiveness and workmanship
  • Decent physical shape
  • Teamwork and rapid calculation skills
  • 3-year training


1. Specialist for gastronomy

   Training content:

  • Receiving, caring for, and guiding visitors
  • Supplying a meal and drinks
  • Producing and serving beverages, both hot and cold
  • Warehousing
  • Preparing and presenting basic meals
  • Event and season planning for restaurant sales promotion
  • Sustainability and cleanliness in the cash register and payment system operation
  • Assemble a squad

    Career prospects:

  • Specialists in gastronomy have access to a variety of professional options and work prospects, both in individual and system gastronomy as well as everywhere else that offers food and drink.

   Candidate profile:

  • No particular school-leaving certificate is necessary; Recommended minimum high school diploma open and amiable disposition enjoyable to work with others
  • You could assist.
  • Having fun interacting with visitors Speaking foreign languages is beneficial
  • You have more than two years of experience.

2. Specialist Kitchen

   Training content :

  • Preparing salads, dishes with eggs, and vegetables
  • Making straightforward soups, sauces, and stews
  • Preparing hearty side dishes
  • Making straightforward meat- and fish-based dishes
  • Arranging and enhancing the presentation of food
  • Obtaining and preserving goods
  • The utilisation of tools, machinery, and work equipment
  • Using sustainable and hygienic working practices and culinary processes in the kitchen
  • Assemble a squad.

   Career prospects :

  • All types of hotels and restaurants, as well as communal catering (such as at schools, canteens, hospitals, retirement homes, and company canteens), offer intriguing and diverse places to work.

  Candidate Profile :

  • No formal school-leaving certificate is necessary; with the requisite drive, it is also appropriate for young
  • Professionals who haven’t done as well on tests and in school.
  • A good sense of taste, care, and workmanship enjoyable to working in a team
  • You could assist.
  • Having fun interacting with visitors
  • You have more than two years of experience.

Anticipated compensation or salary

In Germany, graduates in hotel management can expect to earn an annual income of 48,000 euros. Of course, this is determined by the level of experience you possess.

Top Institutions for Hotel Management in Germany

Germany’s hotel sector is unrivalled as a tourism hotspot. The following are some of the top German universities that provide courses in hotel management:

  • Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
  • Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Dresden
  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are indeed.de, ausbildung.de Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page.

In this post, you will learn about hotel management ausbildung in Germany. Germany invites young people from all over the world to come to Germany to complete dual vocational training in one of its enterprises because there is a chronic lack of specialists with vocational qualifications in particular occupations. While trainees are paid a monthly salary, the training is provided fully free of charge.

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