How to Cancel Your 49-Euro Deutschland Ticket

How to Cancel Your 49-Euro Deutschland Ticket

Canceling your Deutschland ticket doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether your plans have changed or you need to make a last-minute adjustment, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps on how to cancel your 49-Euro Deutschland ticket and get your money back quickly and efficiently. We’ll also help you understand the refunds and cancellation policy, ensuring a smooth process.

Purchasing the 49-Euro Deutschlandticket Subscription

The 49-euro Deutschlandticket subscription offers unlimited access to regional and local public transport throughout Germany for one month. Here’s how to purchase it:

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Buying Options

    • You can purchase your ticket through various channels, including the Deutsche Bahn website, the DB Navigator app, local public transport association platforms (e.g., BVG), or in person at ticket offices.
    • Unlike the previous 9-euro ticket, the 49-euro Deutschlandticket requires a subscription, so careful planning is essential. For example, to have a ticket valid for June, you must purchase the subscription by May 10.


    • Anyone with a European IBAN can buy a Deutschlandticket subscription, including tourists.
    • After the initial payment, Deutsche Bahn will automatically debit your bank account monthly for the subscription.

Cancellation Methods

If you find yourself needing to cancel your 49-euro Deutschlandticket subscription, there are two ways to do so:

Cancel using a Form:

    • Deutsche Bahn provides a cancellation form on its website. Follow the provided link and enter your data and subscription number.
    • Click “cancel now,” and your cancellation request will be processed promptly.

Cancellation via the Subscription Portal:

    • If you have an account with Deutsche Bahn or access to the subscription portal, you can cancel your Deutschlandticket online.
    • Visit the subscription portal and click on “My Subscription Services.” Look for the option to cancel the ticket.

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Understanding Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Flexible Subscription:

    • The subscription is flexible and can be canceled on a monthly basis.
    • The cancellation deadline is usually on the 10th of the month for the following month.

Cancellation and Refund:

    • You can cancel and receive a full refund if you bought your ticket before the 10th day of the current month and the event hasn’t started.
    • To avoid being charged for the following month, cancel any continuing subscriptions before the 10th day of the current month. For example, cancel your October subscription by September 10.
    • Note that cancellation methods may vary depending on your provider.

Steps to Cancel a Deutschland Ticket

Cancelling a Deutschland Ticket Online is the fastest and most practical method. Follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the platform where you purchased your ticket (Deutsche Bahn website, DB Navigator app, or local public transport association’s online platform).
    2. Navigate to the “My Subscription” section.
    3. Find your 49-euro subscription tile and select the “Cancel” option.
    4. Follow the prompts and choose the cancellation date (e.g., 30/09/2023 for canceling October 2023).
    5. Review the refund amount and confirm the cancellation.

You’ll receive a confirmation email or notification with refund details once the cancellation is processed.

Here’s a summary of different conditions related to canceling and refunding your 49-euro Deutschlandticket subscription:

Condition Can You Cancel the Ticket? Refund Available? Additional Information
Ticket purchased, not started Yes Yes Full refund if canceled before the subscription starts.
Ongoing subscription Yes No Cancel by the 10th day of the current month to avoid charges.
Forgot to cancel by the 10th No No Your bank account will be debited for the next month. You won’t be able to cancel or receive a refund for that month. You can still cancel it for the month after.

Important Note

    • Ensure you cancel your Deutschlandticket by the 10th of the month to deactivate it for the following month. If you cancel after the 10th, the ticket will continue for another month. For example, to use your ticket for September but not October, cancel by September 10.

Canceling or refunding your 49-euro Deutschlandticket subscription is a straightforward process, provided you keep track of your purchase and relevant dates. This guide ensures that you can navigate the process with ease, allowing you to focus on your adventures throughout Germany.

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