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Deutsche Bahn introduced Summer ICE tickets for less than €10

Deutsche Bahn introduced Summer ICE tickets for less than €10

Considering a summer vacation? Look no further than Deutsche Bahn, the nation’s top railway, which just unveiled an appealing deal for vacationers on a tight budget. Deutsche Bahn is selling train tickets for less than 10 euros in an effort to increase the availability and affordability of rail travel. This wonderful program wants to inspire more people to travel by rail to experience the splendor of Germany and its neighbors. In this blog post, know more about Deutsche Bahn introduced Summer ICE tickets for less than €10.

Travelers who want to discover Germany’s stunning cities and landscapes should take advantage of the ICE ticket offer. People can take advantage of this offer to save money on transportation expenses and use the additional funds to partake in other activities while traveling. The ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn are renowned for their comfort and speed. They provide a comfortable ride and have features like Wi-Fi, power outlets, and plush seats. Additionally, the trains offer dining cars where travelers can have a meal or a snack.

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Offer Details

Deutsche Bahn will sell IC and ICE train tickets from June 11 to July 31 for summer travel. The €9.90 tickets are generally for short trips between nearby cities like Bremen to Hamburg, Cologne to Düsseldorf, Augsburg to Munich, and Dresden to Leipzig. Bahncard 25 or 50 holders can save 25% on their ticket, reducing long-distance train travel to €7.40.

Tickets for the promotion can be purchased at stations, the Deutsche Bahn website, and the DB Navigator app. Reduced tickets are limited to around one million and available for a few weeks. Travelers can visit the website or use the app to check train availability and make purchases conveniently. ICE trains serve popular destinations and neighboring countries, making it convenient for tourists to explore. Deutsche Bahn offers discounts and promotions year-round.

The summer offer comes one month after Germany’s Deutschlandticket, a €49 monthly travel package that enables users to travel on municipal and regional transportation throughout Germany, went on sale. The most recent statistics show that almost seven million people have so far taken up a subscription for the €49 ticket. Deutsche Bahn’s most recent promotion seems to be an effort to entice passengers back onboard its long-distance IC and ICE trains, particularly those who are traveling relatively short distances.

Can you take ICE train with €49 ticket in Germany

The Deutschlandticket (D-Ticket) allows local and regional travel in Germany, excluding ICE, EC, or IC trains. The exception applies if a connecting regional train is 20+ minutes delayed. Passengers can purchase a separate ticket for a long-distance train, reimbursable at the service center with evidence of delay. Example: With a €49 ticket, if your Berlin-Lübeck regional train is delayed, buy an ICE ticket for the connecting train to Hamburg. Later, BVG can refund the ICE ticket. D-Tickets are sold at service points, Deutsche Bahn website, and DB Navigator app. Around one million reduced tickets are available during the promotion. ICE trains offer convenient travel to popular German and neighboring destinations like the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. They offer more discounts and promotions year-round.


Visit the Deutsche Bahn website or mobile app to learn more about the destinations and dates that are available, then take advantage of this fantastic deal. Please remember that these affordable tickets have a limited supply, so it is advisable to make travel arrangements in advance. In order to secure your preferred trip dates and take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity, please sure to book early. Why then wait? Start making plans for your summer vacation right away and take advantage of Deutsche Bahn’s inexpensive train tickets to visit Germany and its surrounding nations. During your reasonably priced and practical rail trip, discover new vistas, immerse yourself in various cultures, and make great memories. Happy Travels!

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