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€49 ticket leads to a surge in Deutsche Bahn passengers.

€49 ticket leads to a surge in Deutsche Bahn passengers

The €49 ticket has proven to be a game-changer for Deutsche Bahn. According to DB Regio CEO Evelyn Palla, the number of passengers utilising Deutsche Bahn’s local transport services has increased by about a quarter since the introduction of the €49 “Deutschlandticket” in Germany on May 1. According to Palla, the number of passengers using DB’s regional services, which include the S-Bahn, increased by 25% in June compared to April.

The Deutschland ticket

    • Passengers on DB regional trains are travelling “significantly longer distances” since the introduction of the Deutschland ticket.
    • Excursion routes to the mountains and sea have been particularly popular during the holiday season.
    • In some areas, travel activity was comparable to the discounted €9 summer pass that was available from June to August of the previous year.
    • The Deutschland ticket has been in operation for just under three months, so a complete assessment of its impact is not yet possible.
    • There is still a strong demand for the ticket according to the unnamed speaker, suggesting its continued popularity.
    • Increased train occupancy in May and June compared to April is partially attributed to public holidays and vacation breaks.

€49 ticket: A Great Success

    • Volker Wissing, Germany’s transport minister, believes the Deutschland ticket has been a “huge success.”
    • The ticket has led to a significant increase in the use of buses and trains, with nearly one million additional consumers within three months of its launch.
    • The Deutschland ticket allows unlimited travel on all local and regional modes of transport in Germany and parts of its bordering regions for €49 per month.
    • Special discounts are available for students, trainees, employees, and recipients of social benefits.
    • Wissing suggests that the more users there are, the more affordable the ticket can become, encouraging regular and frequent use of public transit.

Germany’s transport minister, Volker Wissing, has hailed the Deutschland ticket as a “huge success,” reporting nearly one million additional users within three months. Regional trains are witnessing passengers travelling longer distances, and the demand for tickets remains high. However, a comprehensive assessment requires more time, and the increased train occupancy in May and June is attributed to holidays and vacation breaks.

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