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APS Important Update on Accreditation of Indian Private Universities

APS Important Update on Accreditation of Indian Private Universities

The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) has issued an important notice that will significantly impact students from Indian private universities aspiring to study in Germany. Starting from June 18th, 2024, applicants from private Indian universities that are not fully accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) will not be granted access to German universities.

This policy change comes as a result of the incomplete accreditation process by the UGC. This necessitates German authorities to update their regulations. The updated policy is now reflected in the “Anabin Database.” This database is maintained by the Central Office for Foreign Education of The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder. For further details, you can visit their official update here.

Impact on Students

The Academic Evaluation Centre must strictly adhere to the assessments listed in the “Anabin Database” when verifying university accreditations. Therefore, it is crucial for all applicants to consult the “Anabin Database” before applying. To ensure that their Indian private university has the required “H+” accreditation status. Universities with an “H+/-“ or “H-“ status will not be recognized, and students from these universities will not be issued an APS certificate. The database can be accessed here.

What Do “H+”, “H+/-” and “H-” Mean?

    • “H+” Status: This indicates that the university is recognized in Germany, and degrees obtained from these institutions are generally accepted.
    • “H+/-” Status: This denotes an unclear recognition status in Germany, where each degree is evaluated individually and decided on a case-by-case basis.
    • “H-” Status: This signifies that the university is not recognized in Germany, and degrees from these institutions are typically not accepted for further studies.

What Should Applicants Do?

Applicants from Indian private universities should take the following steps to ensure their applications are valid:

  1. Check Accreditation Status: Visit the “Anabin Database” and verify that your university has an “H+” accreditation status.
  2. Prepare Documentation: Ensure all your documents reflect the updated accreditation status.
  3. Consult APS: If in doubt, contact the APS for further clarification regarding your university’s accreditation status.

The APS team emphasizes the importance of this update and urges all potential applicants to verify their university’s status well in advance. This is to avoid any disruptions in their application process.

This update highlights the critical importance of accreditation in the academic evaluation process. By adhering to the updated guidelines, students can ensure a smoother transition and avoid complications in their applications to German universities.

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