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German Student Visas: APS Certificate Compulsory for Indian Applicants

Germany has announced that to receive authenticity certifications, Indian applicants for student visas must have their academic transcripts evaluated by the APS (Academic Evaluation Centre). As of November 1, applicants for a German student visa must include the APS certificate as part of their submitted paperwork. Aspirants cannot submit their visa applications without their APS certificates, hence this entails. Beginning on October 1, APS will accept applications for evaluation.

News Update on APS certificate

    • APS India introduces digital certificates next week, replacing paper certificates.
    • At this time, the APS is operating at maximum efficiency.
    • In the past two months, more than 5,000 applicants have received the certificates, with this month’s shipment totalling more than 2,500.
    • Application completed; name-checked on priority lists for German institutions’ winter semester.
    • Use the same email for quicker processing, professor & APS communication, and verifying the official domain.
    • Physical documents submitted post online registration; ensure signing as required.
    • Make payment through the portal’s option; process chronologically if not on priority lists.
    • Verify the APS certificate received via PDF for validity.
    • Digital certificates shorten processing times and simplify applications to multiple German universities.
    • Digital certificates are verified with a digital signature and distributed as secure PDF files via email.
    • VFS, the German Embassy or Consulate, Uni-Assist, and German universities accept digital certificates, which share the same duration as paper certificates.

From April 24th, 2023

    • Individual verification applicants will receive digital certificates, not available for partnership or exchange program applicants.
    • PhD candidates without APS requirements from thesis supervisors and recipients of certain European-funded scholarships are exempt from verification.
    • Short-term program applicants (duration < 90 days) do not need an APS certificate.
    • Students with degrees from international institutions don’t require APS assessment; APS only confirms Indian academic credentials.
    • The validation process does not have specific linguistic requirements, but authorities may examine voluntary language certificates.
    • Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of 18,000 yen for the certificate.
    • The certificate has perpetual validity; students can update it if their eligibility changes.

What are the Key Steps for Sending an Email?

    1. Capacity is still being improved; issuing 1,000 certificates per week.
    2. Take care while entering email address; use copy-paste to avoid errors.
    3. Check spam folder if waiting for certificates.
    4. Spam situation worsened recently, affecting server performance and communication.
    5. Multiple candidates sending identical messages with large files frequently.
    6. This behavior jeopardizes APS efficiency and delays other applicants.
    7. Abusive behaviors blocked, communication restricted for involved email accounts.

In conclusion, the introduction of digital certificates for APS applicants in India has streamlined the visa application process for German universities. With the same validity as paper certificates, they are now accepted by VFS, the German Embassy or Consulate, Uni-Assist, and German universities, offering convenience and efficiency to students.

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