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Mechatronics Manager Ausbildung in Germany: All you know about

Mechatronics Manager Ausbildung in Germany: All you know about

In Germany, “Mechatronics Engineer” is a recognized vocational training program known as “Ausbildung.” Mechatronics combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science to design and maintain complex automated systems. During the Ausbildung, you would gain hands-on experience in areas such as mechanical design, electrical systems, programming, automation, and troubleshooting.



Understanding Mechatronics Manager Ausbildung In Germany

    1) Who is the Mechatronics Engineer/ Manager?

Mechatronics technicians play a crucial role in handling mechanical, electronic, and electrical elements. Their primary responsibility revolves around maintaining and repairing machines, while mechatronics engineers oversee their work. In the event of functional issues, mechatronics technicians dismantle and fix machine parts. They are also in charge of programming and installing controls for intricate systems.

    2) What are the Requirements of this program?

      1. Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent qualification.
      2. Strong academic performance in mathematics and physics.
      3. Proficiency in technical concepts and understanding.
      4. Demonstrated skills in craftsmanship and hands-on work.

What does an individual learn in the training period?

Throughout your apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer, you will engage in a structured combination of on-the-job training at a company and theoretical education at a vocational school. The company placement offers valuable exposure to the practical aspects of being a mechatronics technician, allowing you to tackle independent tasks. These may include activities like assembling casings, installing systems, or verifying measured variables.

At the vocational school, you will receive essential theoretical knowledge to complement your practical training. Notable subjects covered include electrical and metal engineering, as well as planning the assembly and disassembly of mechatronic systems. Additionally, the curriculum encompasses subjects such as German, mathematics, and politics, providing a well-rounded educational foundation.


This training period span for 3.5 years (max)

Average Salary

    • 1 year: €770-1174
    • 2 years: €830-1187
    • 3rd year: €895-1262
    • 4th year: €945-1330

Companies provide this program

  • Deutche Bahn Ltd
  • Siemens
  • Bosch Group

There are more companies that offer this program.

Mechatronics Engineer Ausbildung in Germany provides comprehensive training in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, enabling individuals to design and maintain complex automated systems.

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