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Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany

Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany

A Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany is known as a “Chirurgisch-technische/r Assistent/in” (CTA). CTAs play a crucial role in the operating room, providing assistance to surgeons and other medical professionals during surgical procedures.


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Understanding What is Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany

    1) Who is the role surgical technical assistant in medical field?

Surgical technical assistants play a crucial role in addressing the shortage of skilled workers in clinics and alleviating the workload of doctors, particularly surgeons. Unlike surgical technicians, CTAs are directly assigned to surgeons and do not report to the nursing manager.

    2) Requirements for Surgical Technical Assistant in Germany

      • Possession of general higher education entrance qualification
      • Strong interest and deep understanding of science and technology
      • Proficient manual dexterity for precise work in the operating room
      • Excellent communication skills and high level of empathy
      • Enjoyment in interacting with and assisting patients
      • Ability to maintain composure and remain calm in stressful situations
      • Demonstrated reliability in handling responsibilities
      • Strong teamwork abilities and collaborative mindset

What an individual learn in Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung Training Period?

The training to become a surgical technical assistant is designed as a comprehensive program encompassing both practical and theoretical aspects. The practical component of the training involves dedicating 3,000 hours to hands-on experience, while the theoretical part requires 1,600 hours of focused study. The theoretical lessons are typically structured in teaching blocks, allowing for concentrated learning.

During the theoretical lessons, students are exposed to a wide range of mandatory subjects that must be covered. These include surgical specialties, anatomy, physiology, medical technology, surgical-technical assistance, transplant medicine, pathology, Materia medica, anesthesia, emergency care, hygiene, medical microbiology, professional policy, professional ethics, law, politics, and hospital management. These topics provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for a surgical technical assistant.

Additionally, the curriculum also offers optional subjects, providing students with the flexibility to delve deeper into specific areas of interest or specialization. This allows aspiring surgical technical assistants to tailor their education to their individual career goals and interests.

What Type of Job it is?

In the field of surgical care, surgical technical assistants (CTAs) have primary responsibilities for supplying and using surgical instruments during operations, as well as preparing patients for surgery. Furthermore, they offer assistance to doctors not only during surgeries but also in ward activities. Within the ward, CTAs may engage in tasks like drawing blood and performing bandage changes. Additionally, they aid surgeons in the operating room and autonomously handle assigned tasks. Previously, doctors used to perform these duties in the operating room before the introduction of surgical technical assistant training programs.


The training period for a Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany typically spans three years. During these three years, apprentices receive comprehensive training and practical experience in various aspects of surgical assistance, including medical procedures, patient care, sterilization techniques, and operating room protocols. This structured training program prepares individuals for a career as a skilled surgical technical assistant in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

Average Salary

Here are the average salary ranges for each year of a Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung in Germany:

    • First year €650 to €870 per month
    • Second year €700 to €930 per month
    • Third year €800 to €1040 per month

These figures represent the typical gross monthly salaries that apprentices in the Surgical Technical Assistant Ausbildung can expect to earn during each year of their training. Actual salaries may vary depending on factors such as location, employer, and individual qualifications.

Companies which provide these program

There are various companies that provides training in Surgical Technical Assistant and other related fields. Some of the popular companies are:

    • RO med clinics
    • carl thiem clinic cottbus
    • helios Klinken gmbh

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are indeed.de, ausbildung.de Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page.

Surgical Technical Assistant (CTA) is vital in the medical field, as they assist surgeons and healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. CTAs help address the shortage of skilled workers in clinics and relieve the workload of doctors. They receive specialized training and are directly assigned to surgeons.

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