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Accommodation for students in Germany

Accommodation for students in Germany

Upon receiving your university admission letter, one of the initial steps is to search for student housing in Germany. You must reserve your student housing while applying for a German student visa. The good news is that there are a ton of possibilities for student housing in Germany for foreign students. In this article, you will get to know about Accommodation for students in Germany 2023.

Diverse Student Housing Options

The most common kinds of housing and accommodations for students in Germany are:

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1. Residential Halls for Students
    • Student residence halls in Germany, commonly known as student houses, are a cost-effective lodging option, with 40% of international students choosing this accommodation.
    • These halls are designed specifically for students, featuring communal living arrangements where students share kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Student housing options may vary slightly by German city, including building size, room configurations, and furnishings.
Positive aspects Negative aspects
Reasonable price minimal privacy
many chances for socialization large demand
nearby the university a little period for stay
Security shared kitchen and bathroom

  How Do I Enter Student Residence Halls?

    • Upon receiving their acceptance letter from a German institution, students interested in student residences should promptly submit their applications.
    • Application deadlines are in place, and competition for available spots can be fierce.
    • To secure a place in these halls, students should contact their university’s local student services or international office.
    • Applications for student residences are typically facilitated through the websites of student unions.
 2. Shared housing 
    • Some students opt for flatshares as their first choice; however, others turn to this option when student housing is unavailable
    • WG apartments are private flats shared by students, offering shared spaces like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.
    • Flatmates share the expenses of rent and utilities, each having their own private space within the apartment.
    • Rent in a flatshare varies based on the number of roommates and the flat’s size.
Positive aspects Negative aspects
Reasonable rent (around €430 per person)* Arguments with roommates
German practice opportunity Not as many opportunities for socialization
Greater privacy possibly not close to your university
Lacks competition (plenty of options) City centres have higher rents.
What Exactly Happens in a Flatshare?
    • To find suitable flatshare options, conducting thorough research is essential.
    • You can search for available shared apartments on university notice boards and online platforms.
    • If you’re in Germany without friends, consider renting an apartment with a group or seeking flatmates in need.
3. Private Accommodation
    • Student living options in Germany cater to various preferences.
    • Students who prefer solitude and value privacy can opt to rent their own house.
    • Renting a standalone house is among the pricier housing choices for students in Germany.
    • Students who choose this option are responsible for covering rent and utilities independently.
Positive aspects Negative aspects
Many privacy options High rent prices
no potential for confrontation between roommates Rent, internet, and other costs are your responsibility.
It is up to you where you go. less prospects for integration
Your own rules are up to you. Rent in urban areas is pricey.
4. Quick-Term Accommodation
    • If your stay in Germany is brief, short-stay accommodations are available.
    • Some students prefer to explore long-term housing options after arriving in Germany.
    • Short-stay alternatives include overnight lodging, often provided by local student services.

How much does German student housing cost?

In Germany, the cost of a student apartment can range from €250 to €750 per month. It all depends on the kind of lodging you choose to book. Look at the typical prices for various types of student housing in Germany in the list below.

Type of Accommodations Average Cost
Residence hall room €250
Flatshares: Room in a Shared Apartment €430
Private Apartment with 1 Bedroom in the City Center €750

Average Rent in Germany’s Top Student Cities

Private apartment rent in Germany varies according to factors including the city you reside in, the size of the flat, and the area.

City and kind of apartments Berlin Hamburg Munich Frankfurt Stuttgart
Apartment with one bedroom (city centre) €925 €963 €1,311 €1,049 €928
Apartment with 1 Bedroom (Periphery) €657 €681 €1,004 €808 €765
Apartment with 3 bedrooms (City Center) €1,836 €1,825 €2,290 €2,015 €1,704
(Peripheral) Apartment with 3 bedrooms €1,241 €1,351 €1,756 €1,413 €1,277

How Can I Find Housing in Germany?

Depending on the kind of lodging you’re looking for, there are several ways to find it in Germany. It is typical to be perplexed about student housing if you are a student visiting Germany for the first time or if you have received your acceptance letter to your chosen university.

Here are a few methods for locating student housing in Germany:

    • German Studentenwerk local student unions

Local student unions, or Studentenwerk, exist in every German city. These student unions are often in charge of handling the application procedure for resident halls. You should get in touch with your neighbourhood Studentenwerk office directly if you wish to reserve a room in a student residential hall in Germany.

    • Notice Boards & University International Office

Contacting the international office of your university or looking for listings on the university’s notice boards are two alternative options for finding housing in Germany.

    • Platforms for Online Accommodation

In Germany, using online accommodation sites to identify and reserve student housing is one of the most popular methods. These online apartment search engines typically feature a large selection of apartments on their websites, allowing students to find the ones that suit their needs and tastes.

Considerations before moving to Germany

    • Start early so you have time to take it slow: It is always preferable to start the housing procedure as soon as possible. Make sure the location is convenient for you, consider all of your options, and thoroughly read the contract before you sign it.
    • Do not be hesitant to ask for assistance: Maybe you know someone who lives in Germany or has attended a German university in the past. They might have intimate knowledge of where to find suitable lodging or know someone who is seeking a housemate.
    • Pay no money before agreeing to a contract: It is imperative to exercise extreme caution, especially when handing over significant sums of money, as you might run into con artists.

Germany offers a variety of housing options for international students, each with its own benefits and considerations. Beware of potential scams and prioritize securing safe and suitable accommodation to enhance your study abroad experience in Germany.

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