German parliament approves €200 energy payments for students 

German parliament approves €200 energy payments for students

Berlin: The anticipated additional energy payments of €200 for students and technical students are on the way. The federal cabinet made a decision about “formulation assistance” on 18/11/22  for a matching statute. This must now be approved by the Bundestag. The one-time payment is a component of the third relief package that traffic lights and traffic lights agreed upon at the beginning of September. This is to soothe the significant increase in energy prices.

But neither automatically nor prior to Christmas do you receive the funds. On a centralized online application platform, the federal and state governments are now collaborating. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, federal minister of education for the FDP, stated on 18/11/22 in Berlin that payments “should be able to start immediately at the beginning of next year, i.e. in winter.” Particularly impacted by the issues are young individuals in training.

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German parliament approves €200 energy payments for students 
German parliament approves €200 energy payments for students

When the energy payments will begin for students?

By the end of September of the following year, students and technical school students shall be able to apply for the energy price flat rate online. The €200 are available to everyone who is enrolled in a university or technical institution on December 1, 2022. Germany is requiring a “habitual habitation” by this date. For instance, technicians, educators, and business economists are taught in technical schools.

Students who are enrolled part-time, taking multiple courses, studying abroad, or taking a semester off should also be compensated. It is anticipated that around 680 million euros would be spent on 450,000 students and 2.95 million students. Neither taxes nor social benefits should be applied to the flat pricing for energy.

The federal and state administrations’ discussions about the special payment have dragged on since September. It became challenging to distribute the funds “immediately and unbureaucratically on site,”. As the traffic light alliance had originally promised, there is no central office that holds the account information for all students.

40% of students face a poverty risk

The 200 euros are probably eagerly anticipated by many. The Federal Statistical Office didn’t release its study on the estimated 38% of students who were in danger of poverty last year until 16/11/22. People who earn less than 60% of the median income for the entire population are deemed to be at risk of or in poverty. According to the EU definition.

The German Student Union questioned the length of time. This is between the September agreement on the one-time payment and the payment that is now announced for the next year. According to General Secretary Matthias Anbuhl, many students now require the money due to the growing costs. The one-time payment must now be decided by the Bundestag as soon as feasible, and it must be distributed as soon as practicable.

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