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Black Friday in Germany: Everything you need to know

Black Friday in Germany: Everything you need to know

Are you planning to shop in Germany on Black Friday? The greatest day to purchase gifts or items for yourself that have been on your wishlist for a while is Black Friday. But is there really a Black Friday in Germany, and if so, what kind of deals can you expect?

The biggest shopping day in the US is unquestionably Black Friday. How does it seem in Germany, though? Should you shop right away or wait until the end of November? We cover all the essential information regarding Black Friday in Germany in this post.

Black Friday in Germany Everything you need to know
Black Friday in Germany Everything you need to know

Do Germans have Black Friday?

Germany has its own version of Black Friday. It is, in reality, a significant occasion for many shops and customers. While businesses make billions of dollars, you may save hundreds of euros shopping on this day.

For instance, the following table shows how much money German shoppers saved on Black Friday 2021:

    • TV: 8%
    • Laptops: 9%
    • Smartwatches: 10%
    • E-bikes: 4%
    • Vacuum cleaners: 7%
    • Smartphones and phones: 1%

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Additionally, Black Friday deals take place in real stores as well as online in Germany. Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined to produce €5.3 billion in sales in 2021. Therefore, it’s an important event for the German economy.

About Black Friday

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is not observed in Germany, Black Friday always falls on the Friday after the holiday. However, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday.

    • As you may know, Black Friday is the most well-known and originated in the US. Despite the fact that Black Friday sales have recently been adopted in various European nations.
    • In reality, Black Friday was initially introduced to Germany by the Apple corporation in 2006. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that the day was also celebrated on a greater scale here. These days, Black Friday is celebrated at many German establishments.
    • Germans don’t wait until Black Friday to make their purchases, in contrast to Americans. However, a small portion (about 30%) will delay their decisions until the sale.
    • Due to the discounts provided by companies, they would choose to shop then. In addition, many people like internet shopping to visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

In Germany, is Black Friday a legitimate time to save money?

You may reportedly save up to 90% in some circumstances thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. But is it actually the case?

    1. In Germany, however, there are a lot of stores that speculate and give rather fictitious prices. To contrast it with the discounted pricing, some merchants display a higher than usual retail price. Customers will perceive a decent offer in this way.
    2. You should thus examine the pricing of the things you intend to buy during the Black Friday sale a few days beforehand. You will thus already be aware of the item’s former pricing.
    3. You can also notice some discounts that are being provided between those dates in the meantime. Throughout the whole of Black Week, sometimes referred to as Black Friday, many businesses promote sales.

On this website or blackfridaysale.de, you may find out more about Black Friday in Germany, including some deals.

How long is Black Friday in Germany?

Black Friday lasts for just one day or twenty-four hours. The weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the whole Black Friday week is when many stores offer discounts, though.

In 2023, when is Black Friday in Germany?

Germany’s Black Friday in 2023 falls on November 24. Black Friday 2023 shopping is already planned by 37% of German consumers.

In Germany, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s smaller than the US but otherwise similar. The promotion day is always held on the last Friday in November, which is November 24, 2023, this year.

Highest savings on Black Friday

Customers can save more money on certain product categories than on others. The order of the various items is as follows:

    • Sony PS4: 16%
    • Security cameras: 16%
    • Gaming headsets: 16%
    • SSD hard drives: 14%
    • Grills: 12%: 9%
    • laptops: 13%

Does Germany celebrate Black Friday?

Yes, Germans celebrate black Friday. Black Friday has grown in importance for the German shops taking part in the sale ever since it was first introduced. Black Friday is getting more well-known every year.

The sum of sales made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for instance, in 2021 was €5.3 billion.

The question is, how many Germans actually shop over the holidays? 56.4 million customers (the total number of people aged 18 to 69) made 54% of their purchases in November 2021 on sales.

And the Black Friday excitement keeps going… German retailers are still using Black Friday to boost sales. Germans, for their part, time their purchases to benefit from significant discounts. Retailers understand that Black Friday is a great opportunity to increase sales.

Super Sale on Black Friday

Black Friday is the best shopping day of the year! Check out the top German and European webshops listed below for fantastic discounts and save money with the best Black Friday Deals:-

  • Amazon.de has daily deals and flash sales until Cyber Monday. Get amazing deals and offers on thousands of products and save a lot of money on all articles.
  • Tchibo.de Germany is offering up to 50% off all unique items and gifts.
  • At otto.de Germany, you can save the most money on all electronic products such as televisions, cameras, mobile phones, and so on.
  • Saturn.de‘s Black Friday offers deep discounts on smartphones, TVs, notebooks, gaming and toys, and more.
  • Galeria.de offers huge discounts on watches and jewelry.
  • Black Friday deals on luggage and bags from koffer.de are available until Saturday.
  • Take advantage of Black Friday’s great deals by Smythstoys.com on toys and games.
  • Get your new perfect outfit and save euros on almost everything at aboutyou.de & idealo.de Black Week Deals.
  • At Radbag.de, find the best and most unique gifts while saving 20% off everything – only on Black Friday.
  • Black Friday Flash Sale by Outlet46.de gives you huge savings on designer clothing.
  • Another great website for students for all types of essentials is notebooksbilliger.de.

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